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ULY's Training Log - Beginner

so ive been training since 2007 when i went from 260lbs to 215 lbs, wit very little muscle gain but lots of fat loss. i am starting this log to see if i can make any progress in some muscle gain. and also more fat loss.

height: 5’ 10"
weight: 215lbs
body fat%: 20-30% =(

weight: 175 lbs
body fat: 10-15%

i am setting realistic goals for now but will try to set the bar a bit higher as i progress.

any suggestions or tips are welcomed, as are criticism. thanks!

day 1

started my morning wit a run around my block about 2 miles, then headed to gym

2x10 bar
2x10 50lbs
2x8 100lbs
2x5 120 lbs
2x3 140 lbs
2x1 150 lbs

dumbbell curls:
2x10 25lbs each hand
2x8 30lbs
2x5 32.5lbs
2x3 35lbs
2x1 37.5lbs
2x1 40lbs

walk for another 2 miles on treadmill with incline

Been keeping all my training logs to myself, mostly because the weight I can move is light compared to others on the site. But since I’ve abandoned this log, I’ve gone through a short cutting phase followed by two 531 runs. Weight did not change too much but I have gotten stronger and a bit leaner. Still have more to improve.