Ultrawide Pushups for Inner Pecs?


just did a few now, and it hit the sternum quite hard. do you think that this will help develop the inner pectoral throughout?


There have been a couple threads about this and the reality of it is that there is nothing that can work the inner or outer pec specifically. The reason being is that the pec muscles run from the sternum to the shoulder. You can concentrate on areas of the muscle only if these areas are separated along the same direction as the muscle fiber runs. For example, since the chest muscle fibers run generally horizonatlly, you can only separate the chest muscle into horizontal slices, upper, middle, and lower. You can’t divide it against the grain. It would be similar to trying to work the upper or lower bicep. Can’t be done, because that would be against the grain of the muscle.

The general concensus and experience of other T-Nation readers is that the “inner” chest region will develop as you work the rest of the chest. A lot of it is just genetics.

Were the ultra-wide pushups ok on your shoulders? I haven’t ever done any, and I’m just wondering how they felt for you.

Also, have you ever tried slide pushups? There was just a thread about them last week. They hurt.

Have your read “Build a huge chest in 6 weeks” it’s a very unique program and I’ve experianced some soreness unparallel to any other chest routine. I realize this isn’t an answer but if you’re looking for some diversity in your chest routine try it.

My only problem is I can never seem to figure out how to incorporate it with another solid program ie. Pendulum Bodybuilding…sure would be awesome if someone could help me there.

The soreness you feel in the middle of your chest is probably not muscle but connective tissue.

There is no such thing as an inner peck the large belly on the insertion of the sternum is genetic. If you could only work on the inner peck you would end up with peck that look like a baboons ass!!