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Ultratotal Program

hello coach i’m trying to do a ultratotal program,i have combined travis mash structure for olympic lift,and powerbuilding by josh bryant and matt kroc.what do you think?

1 snatch
squat(low reps)
olympic paused squat
front squat (higth rep)
super yoke

2 clean and jerk
bench(low reps)
wide grip bench
incline (12,10,8 reps)
dip (10,8,6)

3 axle o log clean and press
clean and jerk from block
press(low reps)
close grip bench(low reps)
lateral raise(higth reps)
skull crusher(?)higth reps

4 power snatch from block
chin 50 reps total
t bar row (12,10,8 reps)
db row 2*20 reps
atlas stone

what do you think coach?

It’s not a program it’s a collection of exercises… few info on sets, reps, training methods, weekly progression, deloads. Doesn’t tell me anything