Ultrasound Shoulder (Multiple Trephination)

(Note: Cross-posted in “Over 35” but wanted to hear from folks who might not regularly scan that forum. Thanks.)

Have any of you folks been through this procedure?

Basically, it sounds like Ultrasound is used to diagnose and guide some shots into the shoulder. It sounds like a cortisone shot but with some other stuff. I’ve never heard the term “multiple trephination” (yes, I’ve looked it up, but I want to hear from folks who have actually gone through the procedure, thank you).

Here’s a description:

[i]"… Ultrasound Technology is used as a diagnostic tool. In the same way that Ultrasound provides detailed examinations of a child in the womb, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound facilitates precise examinations to be made of tendons, muscles, bones and ligaments to establish where inflammation, scar tissue, or a small spur may lie.

Treatment can then be efficiently and effectively pinpointed to exactly where the pain or problem is, with no guesswork involved.

To stimulate healing, (the doctor) commonly inserts a local anesthetic such as 1% Xylocaine or cortisone with a small amount of platelet cells derived from your own blood into the targeted region In concert with this technique, the region of scar tissue is Revascularized with a procedure called Multiple Trephination.

Consequent to not requiring an MRI, this technique is extremely efficient (taking approximately 10 minutes), frequently entirely painless, and cost effective; not even requiring an x-ray in most incidents.

Aside from accuracy, efficiency, and the ability to get back on your feet in a short amount of time, perhaps the best advantage to this technique is that there are little to no side effects.[/i]