Ultrasound Myofacial Therapy

Whats goin on guys? Long time no post. I am currently fightning my disc herniation tooth and nail with a good pt - took me a few tries to find one. Anyhoo, my question concerns the effectiveness of ultrasound therapy for myofacial adhesions. The nearest ART practitioner I can find is more than an hour away now, so that severely limits my options for the real ART. But my PT does have an ultrasound machine. I was just wondering if the untrasound was comparable to ART. I have read multiple studies that suggest ultrasounds usefulness, but have found a couple that suggest it is bunk. Any thoughts on its effectiveness would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone wants to know- the reason I ask is that my freakishly inhibited and weak lower abs will not pick up and fire, it seems no matter what I do they lay dormant and tight. I am thinking I have some nice adhesions along my lower abs and hip flexors, and perhaps my lower and mid back limiting my recovery and rehabilitation.

Thanks guys.

Ultrasound is not going to cut it. Sometimes ART does not cut it. I have ART done on conjuction with a trigger point injections. Also I would ditch a PT unless insurance is paying for it. I would find a good neuro who could give you a referral to a pain management doctor. I would try to get a script for a drug called Lyrica if you not alreay taking that. You can do the stuff a PT wants you to do at the home or gym. I incorporate core workouts with the swiss ball into my weight training. I just dont have a herniated disc, my whole l1-S1 or either degenerated or herniated. Also I’m back sqauting and deadlifting again. I was told I’d never be able to do that again.

Hi DaMan,

A disc herniation, depending on the severity, will be your weakest link in bodybuilding.
Forget Ultrasound and ART; honestly they DON’T WORK; especially if its grade 3 and above.

You may get temporary relief for a while but it returns when you squat or shoulder press due to compression.
2 options. If you are not competing and just wanna stay healthy and look good, carry lighter and nothing overhead.
See a chiropractor for a proper adjustment.

The other option is surgery. You need to consider it carefully. Present surgery techniques are good. Now they replace the whole disc. That is truer in the sense that you get a new artificial one.

Hope it helps