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Ultra Sensitive E2 or Standard E2?


I have an ultra sensitive E2 test from Quest of 12 and a standard estradiol test of 71 with a range from 13-54. The ultra sensitive was taken about a week before the standard test. I am on 100 mg of T weekly.

I haven't felt that great in the last couple of weeks. Easily fatigued, poor sleep at night, and achy joints but the question is do I have low E2 or high E2? I am taking no AI at the time. I'm not really sure how to proceed.

Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks....


Were the labs done by the same lab? Maybe the doc can have someone ask the lab(s) what is going on.

E2=12 seems very unexpected with TRT. High E2 would not be a surprise.

Do you have any prior E2 data?

Please post SHBG, TT and FT numbers and ranges. That can help clear up the high/low question.

How long on that TRT?
Any changes with other drugs in that time period?
Any sign of gyno?
Did you change T dose?
Were both labs done the same number of days after your injection?
How has libido changed in that time period and the longer term?
As above for sleep changes?

Aching joints suggest low E2, but maybe you have some other condition that is making you feel unwell. Do you feel generally unwell?

Have you read the 'protocol for injection' and the estradiol stickies?


Thanks for the reply. Both tests were done by Quest. One was the ultra E2 and the other standard. I've been told on another board that the ultra reports to low and can't be trusted so I think I might go w/that for now. I took .5 mg of Arimidex this afternoon and felt and immediate mood and energy boost so I think the high E2 is probably the culprit.

To answer how I feel I just felt pretty much like I did before I started T. Kind of like I hit a brick wall. General fatigue etc.. My sleep has been really bad as well. Can high E2 cause sleep disturbances? Thanks...