Ultra Low Dosage Tren Only Permanently?

After 2 months of trying an ultra low tren only dosage, I notice 0 side effects and all blood checks good. At the same time, the physique results r more than what I expected. I’m running 30mg tritren per week (one shot per week). Do you know of any studies or do you have experiences in a long term ultra low tren dosage cycle? Can’t find anything online but probably others had the same idea. I really like the fact that I do not experience hair loss since tren doesn’t affect dht much. I’d like to know if my idea is somehow flawed or sth (side effects related or other).
Thank you

There are people who cruise on tren in low doses. I’ve heard of 50 mg/wk being used. There is a guy on YouTube that has done this. I think his name is Mark VanDusen or something like that.

I can’t say if long term 30 mg/wk will result in a lot of negatives or not. I wouldn’t do it, but I may be more conservative.

I tried around 20mg a week of tren A, split every other day, felt fine but with no noticeable changes (along with 150mg of test).
I felt I could feel fine on the test and some deca (currently 150mg a week) as if I was risking a harsher AAS I wanted to feel more than fine so stopped after a month or so and started the deca again.
I have bought some tren E and I’m going to try a higher dose, maybe 30mg a week to see what happens.
Im after feeling great and being able to train (mainly “martial arts” type stuff, in quotation marks coz im pretty crap but make it sound I’m bad arse).
Also I’m 59 and obviously a dick for trying it but my choice, so…

This is an interesting thought. (I assume this is a slow release Tren.) I would suppose if you can take that dose and not adversely affect your testosterone feedback system, it might be worth a try.

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Man, consider yourself lucky! I for one was pretty unfazed taking all other compounds, but whenever I would take Tren prior to a competition (I took approx 150mg EOD of Tren A), I could almost feel the hair on the crown of my head detaching and running for the hills! And yes, granted, you could easily[and I’d agree with you] make the case that I was going to be bald eventually due to genetics, but I don’t think it would have appeared so rapidly in my late 20s/early 30s if I hadn’t taken Tren. While running Tren, when I would be showering and shampooing my hair, I could look at my hands and see quite a bit of hair on them.

Matter of fact, many competitor friends of mine all had similar experiences with Tren…that it rapidly accelerated their hair loss. And we know it was Tren because during the offseason when we’d be running Test/EQ/Deca, we wouldn’t find all these hairs on our pillows or discuss hair loss but once we started throwing Tren into the rotation, the hair was getting outta dodge. It was a common joke in the gym where I and other competitors trained that the more jacked a guy was, the less likely he had any hair under his workout cap! And it sure was true for me.

To the OP, you may not be experiencing any hair loss at this low dose, but I’d just caution you that while it’s not occurring now, you still might be accelerating the rate at which your head hairs begin miniaturizing, slowing down their growth phases and thus speeding up their march towards growing finer and thinner with each successive growth cycle. Meaning, the low dose might not be making a ton of hairs show up on your pillow now, but your head hairs might still be suffering some damage. Of course, this only matters if you really value having hair. Me, I just have my wife buzz my head 2x/week and don’t even sweat it. Saves me on shampoo and makes getting ready that much easier.

Just be careful, and like I said, if you ARE worried about premature balding…I’d advise you to definitely steer clear from Tren. Again, there’s a reason why so many competitive bodybuilders have shaved heads! Guys with a head of hair like Jay Cutler are very rare! If you asked me rapid fire to name 10 BB’ers with shaved heads vs naming BB’ers with a full head of hair, I’d easily be able to rattle off guys with shaved heads!


Male pattern baldness is not a have it or not thing. There are different levels of how bad one has it. Some natural dudes are almost completely bald in their teens. Some guys make it to their 80s with full heads of hair (which is probably where Cutler is). Most everyone else is somewhere in-between.

AAS will move a guy to the left on the hair loss spectrum (unless he is perhaps all the way on the right with Cutler, who has close to zero sensitivity to androgens in his hair). Maybe he has pretty good genetic (lets say top 20%). Heavy use may move him to the median or further left. Maybe he wouldn’t have shown any hair loss until late 40s, but a decade of AAS has him at that level a decade sooner. Careful use of AAS (avoiding most AAS other than stuff like Test, EQ, TBOL), and use of 5 AR inhibitors can stop most of these effects if the individual isn’t very far left on the spectrum. I’ve seen this with a buddy that experienced a bit of hair loss in his early 20s with heavy AAS use. He started finasteride and then dutasteride, and now in later 20s has 0 visible hair loss. He is generally on at least a gram of gear. Has one of the best heads of hair out of any guy I know. He probably wouldn’t have seen any hair loss if he had stayed natural until his 30s though.

This is how I interpret this to work. I just bring it up because so many seem to think it is an either you will have it or not thing.

Myself as another data point. I will be 75 in November. I did AAS from age 21 through age 48 and have what I would call a full head of hair. I suppose my AAS doses were on the low end, so there’s that. My hair is turning grey, but not there yet. Genetically, my dad had no male pattern baldness when he died at the age of 85. His hair was thinning. So is mine, but not yet noticeable. I keep my hair cut short, a #2 on the sides and blend in the top. If I don’t comb my hair up off my forehead, especially after I shower, my wife calls me Caesar.

If I had to guess, none of the AAS that I took has adversely affected the hair on my head.