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Ultra HCI 4.0


I began taking the stuff about a week ago and i wonder why i havent tried it before. Or how i have managed to live without it. seriously. I have quite severe dispepsia and gastroesophageal reflux problems that were not so well controlled by my prescribed meds (rabeprazole). I could barely enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Oh, and i gained 3-4 pounds since last week.

I dont know why really, but since i had been stuck at the same weight for a while, i feel like its relevant to report it.

If you had digestive problems for years, if your doctor as put you on every med and if you're still figthing the same godamn symptoms, than maybe you could try Poliquin stuff. It has made wonder for me


How many pills of it are you taking per meal or per day?


Though the label states 1 pill per meal, my friend recommended that i begin by taking 2 with each solid meal until i feel better, at which time i should take 1 per as recommended. So right now, i'm taking 10-12 per day.


If you are taking 10-12 per day, how long does a bottle last you?

Is Poliquin in Quebec ?


Poliquin supps are distributed from Rhode Island it seems. Poliquin Performance can also be contacted in Chicago according to their site.


By 'Poliquin,' I did not mean his supplement brand "Poliquin" or his Performance Centers. I meant the guy himself.

Have you met him, by any chance? Just curious.


Wow at 10-12 per day, a bottle of 90 would be pointless. Now I can see why he offers a bottle with 225 pills.


Sorry about that!

No i haven't. I just drive some extra miles to a supplement store who carry the brand. The owner is also a Poliquin certified coach and he does biosignature.