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Ultra Fittest Man In The World!


I saw a photo of Hywel Davies and he actually looks pretty good. He doesn't look like a long distance runner. He has good muscle tone. You won't confuse him for Dave Tate...but he looks like an athlete.

"Ultrafittest in the world

BRITAIN'S fittest man Hywel Davies has beaten off competition from around the world to win yet another top title.
And his training partner Paul Fisher was third - allowing Rugby to boast two of the world's fittest men!

Harris High School teacher Hywel, 29, and Paul, 24, who is soon to join the Marines, were taking part in the Ultrafit Challenge in Bahrain.

Hywel and other fitness title winners were invited to compete in the 'world championship' organised by Ultrafit magazine, with a first prize of short-break holidays in Ritz Carlton luxury hotels in Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur and Bali.

Held outdoors, the 90-degree afternoon heat seemed to hamper everyone except Hywel, who clocked 14-03 for the ten disciplines, the fastest it has ever been done.

Hywel's main rival, Australian Adam Horder was second in 15-16. He pushed Hywel all the way but slowed as he suffered in the heat on the treadmill. Paul, who has only been training for a year under Hywel's guidance, clocked 17-35.

Hywel was the only competitor whose time was as good as it would have been in an air-conditioned gym and he puts this down to strong mental preparation - and "what you say to yourself when the pain is escalating".

He explained: "The heat wasn't pleasant, but I knew how difficult it was going to be."
"This win was something I needed. I was thinking about giving up because there are so few competitions and all those in the last couple of years have been small scale and nothing big in terms of prizes and press coverage. I just wish there were more competitions.

"That's why it's been so good training Paul. He's going into the Marines next year and I've been trying to give him as much fitness advice as possible. There are also a lot of tricks and techniques.

"He's better at rowing and the stationary bike, which helps me train harder. Our main difference is running and we'll work on that."

Since his first competition in June, Paul has earned two third places and a fifth, even qualifying for the 'best of the best' event in December where he was seventh.

Hywel has not been beaten in any fitness competition in the last six years so the pressure is always on.

"BBC 3 came out with us to Bahrain as part of a documentary and having filmed me in the gym and at school the expectation was for me to win," he said. "I don't know what they would have done if I didn't!"

Hywel is very grateful to his school for allowing him the time to compete and hopes his success will inspire more youngsters to get fit.

With the school becoming a sports college, he would love Rugby to become a centre for cross training.

"Once we have the sports hall and all the equipment we could run fitness classes and mini competitions," he said. "The big problem with the lack of competitions is that there's nowhere to hold them."

The Ultrafit course involves ten aspects: cycling 1.5km, rowing 500m, 50 pull downs of 40kg, 60 hip flexors, 50 push-ups, 100 box step-ups holding 10kg in each hand, 60 abdominal crunches, 40 shoulder presses of 25kg, running 800m at 10% include and 40 bench presses of 40kg.

Hywel plans to go to America and have a look at their fitness tests, which are more military style, involving three minutes each at six gym stations, accumulating as high a score as possible, followed by a three minute run.

Over the winter Hywel and Paul have also been competing in the British Indoor Rowing Championships. With only the final Nottingham round to go, Hywel looks set to win the lightweight class and Paul has an outside chance of bronze in the tougher open category.

And over the summer Hywel will be turning to his other passion, cycling, where he hopes to break 20 minutes for the ten mile time trial."


That doesn't look too hard. The 100 step-ups and 800m at 10% incline are probably the hardest parts. The rest looks easy enough.

Do you know what was the winning time?


Don't we need to know his political affiliation so we'll know whether or not we care?


It's not the individual events. It's that the sum is actually greater than the parts to accomplish in less than 15 minutes


Just stop it now! Get your ass back to the forum that allows you to be the grumpy shit you are as opposed to the guy trying to be funny.
Though I admit to a slight chuckle.


when did they drop the "wake the neighbor" part of the competition ?






That doesn't look too hard. The 100 step-ups and 800m at 10% incline are probably the hardest parts. The rest looks easy enough.

Do you know what was the winning time?[/quote]

For those that need it, I added the conversion to pounds in the text above.

I agree, taken individually, it doesn't look that intimidating. In fact, put together as a whole even, I bet a lot of us on this website could do it. But to do it under 15 minutes; that is noteworthy.

Zeb, I haven't seen pics of this guy, but let me ask you something; or anyone else that wants to answer. Do you believe fitness is more performance related or more body composition and looks? If this guy did look like a marathon runner(and still finished in under 15 minutes) or if he was over 20% body fat, would he still be considerd "ultrafit"?

Downy leaves your clothes "ultra" soft,


You reveresed the actual point of me being impressed by Bush's fitness! Point being regardless of the mans political affiliation I am impressed.

Why would you ever bring that up again. I think you were looking very bad on that thread...


I think it was somewhere around 14:00.

By the way, trying to keep up with those guys in the 800 meters would kill you! (me too)


Hywel Davies


He's probably a libertarian, or would need to be in order for me to be impressed.


I see how he wins...He beats-off his competition. They'd probably rather smoke a cigarette than excercise.


"He's better at rowing and the stationary bike, "

I bet that stationary bike is hard training...


It's not my fault you don't have a sense of humor Zeb!

Anyway, I brought it up again because this feat is not very interesting either... when I see some oooh's and aaah's I'll consider changing my tune.


Zeb, I thought it was pretty damn funny. So, is he a rebuplican Zeb? :slightly_smiling:


You know what vroom...I honestly didn't know you were joking. We have had soooo many disagreements...Sorry pal.



What are those...15 lb dumbells?


Someone sent me this page and i found it interesting to read seeing as it was on a strength/bodybuilding web forum.

My background in in endurance events although i used to do powerlifting at University.

The competition is much tougher than it sounds, yes, many can do but it is a race. Its like saying anyone can run 100m, but only one can be the fastest.

As an indicator, i have a 140kg bench press at 70kg, but run a 2:40 marathon.

I have now backed off from this sort of competition and am now chasing a pro licence for ironman triathlon, as cycling is now my main passion.


Hywel Davies


Welcome to the forum Hywel. I think it's a small group of people who can bench double their body weight and still run a sub 3 hour marathon.

What's your best Ironman time so far?



Thanks for joining my thread!

Two questions come to mind:

  1. What is your body fat when you are at your peak for a competition. You like mighty lean in the photo on this thread.

  2. What is the most consecutive Chin-ups that you have you completed? (I had to ask guys).

To the other posters on this thread: Anyone who thinks that this event is easy really needs to take a closer look at it. It is a very serious competition. Hywel and his competitiors are some of the best athletes in the world in my opinion!