Ultra Drol

Hi guys, wanted to get some opinions on Ultradrol. It’s basically the only thing I can get a hold of at this stage, but I don’t want to fork out cash for something that’s not effective. A T-Nation search hasn’t revealed much.

I’m 24, been training for about five years. Have spent the last 8 months out of the gym with medial epicondylitis, but I’m back lifting, lightweights and nothing too intense. I’ve been told that it can help repair my elbow quicker (ive had a lot of treatment already, and it’s back to about 80-85%).

I will be taking Clen as well, to cut down the weight I gained sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.


ud is good but u might want two bottles its kinda underdosed as for ur elbow its not gonna help as its dry might hurt a lil more actually.

Thanks mate. What sort of dosage do you think I should be aiming for a day?

I’ll keep up other treatments for the elbow

16 to 20mg per day though ive seen itt much higher training aggression was awsome for me on this stuff

Legend, thanks for your help mate