Ultimate Training Log

Hello all,
I have a question for you - if there was an “ultimate training log” available, what would you want included? I have been keeping a log of my training and diet for over 10 years now and I know what I want but I would like feedback from others. I am working with a software team to possibly produce our own line of “fitness” computer programs, most of which I cannot tell you about because we want to be able to release them first! But I can tell you we are working on a log of sorts and I definitely want to include your ideas!

This is a good question since all my training logs consist of spiral notebooks that have anything and everything written in them. As far as the ultimate training log, this is what I think it should include.

A.Excercices,sets, reps, and weight used. Writing down your intesity level is also good.
B.Things you ate, so you can keep a good track of your diet.
C.Certain supplements you used, and how you reacted to varying doses.
D.Hours of sleep you got and the quality of that sleep.
E.And a section where you can write about the events that happened that day, sort of like a diary. Everyday events can have an impact on youe workouts to a certain degree, so I think it’s important to include those.

A friend and I have been working on the same thing. We are both software developers and are designing a website for tracking meals training etc. It should be released in beta first part of July. At this point we don’t plan on charging anything to use it. I am also kind of curious if people would use a site like this.

I would love a web site, that tracks training as well as food intake. Right now I use a web site to keep track of my calories, protein, etc. A food log, is a bitch to keep, so a web site definatley helps. I say anyone who writes a program for training and food should make it web based. I travel quite frequently and I don’t own a laptop, which means if I spend $50 dollars on a program, and then go traveling, I can’t take it with me. But if its web based I can almost always find a public library, that has an internet connection and do it that way. And don’t forget to include graphs in the program, that way, you can compare you progress, or lack thereof to your diet/supplements, etc.

I would keep it as small as possible with as few variables as possible like a science experiment. If you want it to make it easy to evaluate why you got results, it should only have things that would impact them. Training, nutrition, and drugs/supplements. Thats it. I would also avoid the format where I enter what I ate and it computes the cals, especially the style that pops up a list with 200 variations for the word EGG. Let me enter what I ate and the nutrients included.

I just got issue 3 of testosterone’s paper mag and in an article Ian King recommends recording: bodyweight, hours sleep the night before, any injuries and how they are feeling, start time, finish time and total work time, rest period between sets, missed reps, recommendations for load and volume for future workouts (optionally nutrition that day, meal timing before working out and how you feel before and after working out).

I think there should be a method to find the weight used for an exercise during a previous cycle. So instead of flipping back trying to see what weight you used last time, you could just type in the exercise and somehow it will come up with the weight & reps last used for that exercise.