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Ultimate T-Man movie: Predator

The TWO DISK Special Edition of Predator will be SOON released - it’ll contain a ton of special features: John McTiernan commentary, “making of”, “behind the scenes”, “special effects”.

Just another friendly Public Service Announcement....:-)


Jennifer Lopez recently said on MTV that ..."kind of looks like Wonder Woman right now.." (?!). Whether or not this means she wants to be Wonder Woman in the film (which has a script, but that's it), is the question. IMO, someone should let "J-Lo" know that WW didn't have a "caboose". Still think that either Jennifer Connelly or Sandra Bullock would be good picks.

X-Men2: Nightcrawler ("BAMF!") has been cast: Ethan Embry (freakylinks) is gonna be our favorite blue-skinned, three digit, two-toed, mutant. And Pyro, who had been dropped from the script has now been cast: young unknown, Aaron Stanford. Pretty cool. Filming will be beginning SOON in Vancouver B.C (as soon as Patrick Stewart is done with filming Star Trek 10: Nemesis). Oh, and folks, the script? It's awesome. If they do use this script, this has the potential of being the BEST comic book movie to date.

Due to the success of Spider-Man, which has now crossed over into sixth highest grossing movie of all time (it's already made over 300 million domestic), Sony Entertainment is now shooting for "Ghost Rider" as it's next big comic film. I'm totally stoked for this one. Cuz, it's always been one of my fave characters.

up above: Patricia. Just thought maybe, just maybe someone out there on the forum would want this info. :slight_smile:

Well, not that I’m a fan or anything, but I think Sandra Bullock would need some very severe cosmetic surgery to for the role of Wonder Woman. Jennifer Garner might be a good pick. Linda Carter seemed to fit the physical make-up of the comic pretty well (though she didn’t get enough “tough” in the role IMHO).

Jeez, I wonder who is watching that spiderman shit. its too stupid even for kids.

If you want to think stupid, how about that Scoobie Doo movie? I can’t even imagine a feature length movie of that stuff, let alone live-action.

brider: I actually think Sandra Bullock would make a good Wonder Woman. She’s a good actress and has great screen presence. The other choices maybe either Jennifer Connelly (who resembles the Adam Hughes rendered Wonder Woman) - and maybe even Famke Jannsen. Jennifer Garner is too busy being “Elektra” in the Daredevil flick right now. She would have been good, but I wonder if she’d want to move from one comic book flick to another?

Oh, and Scoobie Doo? yeah, it's pretty sickening. Especially when I'm a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Sarah Michelle Gellar fan - so, it's like "what is this gal thinking?"

I’m still thinking about who would make a good “Wonder Woman”…to be accepted I think people would have to 1) get the T.V. “original” out of their heads and 2) She would probably have to be presented less “campy” than the T.V. “original” (much like they did with “Batman” when they brought him to the Big Screen).

I can’t remember the actresses name…but what about “The Warrior Princess…Sheena”…or at least an actress with that kind of “presence”?

(Sandra B. is an INTERESTING thought…!)

Mufasa: Well, Lucy Lawless was considered for the role: but I think she would rather explore other avenues than another comic book-like project. I think she’d be great, too. But to me, Wonder Woman is a strong presence in her “demeanor” in her innate abilities. NOT in her physical size. Remember, our world is not suppose to know that Diana Prince is also Wonder Woman. So, it needs to be someone who can carry both personalities. And Sandra was the primary front-runner for the role and I see why: she could carry the physicality of Wonder Woman and the understated presence of Diana Prince.

But I agree with you about what people need to do mentally to accept whomever will be chosen for the role. I useto watch it ALL the time when I was a kid. I remember when Debra Winger played Diana/Wonder Woman's kid sister - remember?

How about Barbara Streisand as wonder woman? Other choices include: Janet Reno, Madeline Albright, or Sting. Those movies would make plenty of money and would become instant classics.

X-Men2: Ethan Embry will NOT be Nightcrawler. But Variety is reporting that Alan Cummings (Titus, Eyes Wide Shut, Goldeneye, Romy&Michele’s HS Reunion), has signed on “BAMF” as Nightcrawler. He’s from Scotland, and a VERY, VERY good actor. And his facial features are Puh-fect! Wow. Good choice, and much better choice than that Embry dude.

Patricia :-)