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Someone beat Biotest to it. Very funny.



The best part is the home page...

"I like going for long walks on the beach...."


"More than 80 million Americans suffer from some type of Homosexuality, and one in eight persons need treatment for Homosexuality during his or her lifetime."

WTF is wrong with these people...


It's the soy protein!


This cant be real.... can it?


While I certainly would not like to be effeminate, I do not believe that it's something you need to be "treated" for. The consequences should be motivation enough, but again, to each his own.


Well shit, I thought the name was suspicious! lmao...

Now the thing is, I'm wondering if the author is making a commentary about how effeminate the US is becoming or about attitudes against that.


This seems a lot like the X-Men 3 movie...


Its social commentary