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Ultimate Swiss Ball Training

Ultimate swiss ball stability training:

Ha Ha Ha.
Third ball rules!

That just made my day!



Seriously what athletic benefit does jumping from swiss ball to swiss ball do?

From viewing the video, it appears that swiss ball jumping helps to soften up the hard boney areas around the tail bone and back of the skull.



Here is a much better use for the swiss ball.

Hey thanks for the link I ended up watching stupid swiss ball videos on youtube instead of getting any work done this morning, me and my coworker where cracking up. Also all the dumbass’s doing squats on swiss balls with 5lb dumbbells are funny in their own right, I thought I would give all those videos 1 star but see someone already beat me to it, every single swiss ball squat video on youtube had a 1 star rating, I doubt that has anything to do with T-Nation…