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Ultimate Showdown/Ultimate Destiny


This is some funny-ass animated music video!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if all the super heroes got into one big fight? Did you ever wonder what Abe Lincoln would do with an AK-47? Did you ever wonder if Chuck Norris could beat Indiana Jones? Here are the answers to your questions!!:


It's Flash, and you'll need sound. Just click on the WATCH THIS MOVIE! link.


Oh my god, is that funny. Plus, the song is now permanently lodged in my head.


Lemon Demon is the man.


Totally unrealistic...

Chuck Norris can cook 30 minute rice in 8 minutes - I know he can kick all their asses. =D


Yeah, I was worried by this also. Lemon Demon should be careful...if he can't see Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris is probably about to roundhouse kick him!

Did anyone spot Mr. T?


I just found this, so bump!

Here's a better, bigger video (same content)