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ultimate orange

whats up with ultimate orange? i`ve heard some positive comments from friends of mine that are casual lifters,but i would like to hear from my hardcore brotherssisters what they think.

I used to take this crazy stuff before basketball games a couple years back. It made me go insane. I couldn’t make any close shots but I would grab every single rebound. I was way too aggressive. Funny thing is that I took it before lifting and I felt nothing. This stuff is too dangerous because it contains ephedra alkaloids, which may elevate blood pressure and possibly effect your heart. I suggest stacking PowerDrive with MD6 to get similar results without the danger of Ultimate Orange. If you choose to take Ultimate Orange, make sure you use it sparingly. The more you take it, the more your body becomes use to it.

try power drive by biotest I think it is better. but ultimae orange is a good pre workout drink

I have used Ultimate Orange and definately think it will give you a kick. Problem is you are to damn jittery and cant focus. So if you are going for all out max or something similar it might be good. I prefer Power Drive and an MD6 before the lifting now. I get ‘up’ but I can still focus and concentrate. The other thing for me, anything with ephedrine (ulitmate orange) has an effect on me like jumping into a cold pool. I have noticed in the Reader Mail section that some other guys get this ‘shrinkage’ effect from ephedrine products. I do not get this from MD6/PowerDrive combo, thus I would recommend it. Bill, Brock, Brian: Do you gentlemen have any idea why ephedrine products elicit this effect on some of us guys?

Ultimate Orange is great as a pre-workout energy booster. The problem is alot of guys get addicted to it like coffee and need it before every workout just to bring them to baseline. For those of you who claim you can’t focus with it, you’re obviously very sensitive to ephedrine’s effect. Try cutting the dose in half and work your way up. The dose is also dependent on bodyweight. Ephedrine IMPROVES my focus. Sometimes I’ll take an Ephedrine product at work when I have a tedious task ahead of me and it improves my work efficiency tremendously. As far as the shrinkage factor, it’s only temporary.

I’ve had some good results using Ultimate Orange before my workouts however I’ve noticed that if I am doing a Max. lift type workout I tend to get nauseous. However, my focus and endurance are improved greatly.

I love the stuff. It gets me going through tough leg workouts. Your body will build a tolerance to the ephedrine so I suggest taking every other day or every third work out.