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Ultimate Orange

What do you guys think about Ultimate Orange? I know it cause a lot of controversy with Ephedrine and the supplement industry in general, but I must confess, I just finished four bottles of the stuff, and my workouts have never been as intense…

About any ECA fat burner will give you the same effect, but maybe liquid would kick in faster. Personally I’d rather swallow pills since Ultimate Orange tastes so bad. On another note, I guess as ephedrine goes bye-bue, so will Orange. After all, the product is pretty useless without it. At least there’s Power Drive and caffeine, which I like better anyway.

I also agree that liquid works faster. What I have been doing is kinda nuts but I use:

3g of liquid l-carnitine

half scoop of powerdrive

2 capsules of eca stack (diurlean from ISS research works for me, but if you have md6 let me know where your getting it)---- now the weird thing is I crack open the capsules and pour the powder in the liquid, mix it then drink it fast. Works like a charm.

sound weird? or anyone else try this method of splitting pills?

Da' Boxer

Honestly, I didn’t even know that stuff was around anymore! I used to mix it with Diet Mountain Dew for an extra kick (and better flavor) before my workouts. It definitely did the trick.

Yeah, there were some really good “recipes” to supercharge U.O. but you had to send for it. I did the Diet Mt. Dew/grapefruit juice mixture w. a cayenne capsule and had some of the best morning workouts ever. Duchaine was ahead of his time…I even remember one of the recipes recommended adding a forkskolin supplement long before T2 Pro or Betalean came out.

Duchaine also put people in the hospital with his advice.

For all you md6 fans, I found a site that has it! Next thing you know we’ll find someone out there who still sells LIPOKINETIX!!!

If you don’t like the taste of Ultimate Orange, try Ultimate Punch. Where are you getting it, I thought they took it off the shelves?

Universal has a supplement out now called RAGE, very similar to Ultimate Orange. I have been using it for a time now and it gives me a nice pre-workout boost.

Take it from your old uncle Platehead - Liquid is gooooood! I’ve used fun combo’s such as ephedrine HCL / nor-ephedrine HCL / Yohimbine HCL / caffeine - etc etc but nothing has kicked me in the ass like IDS Spirotosome or VPX Clenbutrx (yes a seed company but this is the only thing probably worth a shit from them). If I add Powerdrive to either of my liquid pals it’s unbelievable!

Well they dont make Ultimate Orange anymores, at least i think. But Rage is just as good. I have tried pretty much all the energy drinks and pills like Ultimate punch, power caps, yellow jackets, black beauties, and many more. the rage is my fav without a doubt. Its different then most drinks or pills cause like u get a lot of energy but the endurance i get out of it is insane. The best flavor is punch.