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Ultimate Nut and Seed Blend


So this will be quite a bit of Broscience, but I am looking into buying some bulk nuts and seeds to blend with fruit and yogurt to make a nut/seed/fruit weight-gainer smoothie as a staple in my diet (breakfast).

With this: let the nutseeding commence!

Going by http://www.gettahealth.com.au/select-foods/ (I am Australian) this is a list of fairly cheap seeds I was thinking of buying through them.

Sesame Seeds
Linseeds (Flaxseeds for all you 'damn' Americans)
Millet Meal
Pepitas Raw

Then for nuts I was going to go with:

Peanut Butter

What are some other good seeds and nuts I should know about? or should I cut anything from this list? I was going to buy a really strong blender and blend a handful of the mix at a time into my own nutseedbutter-paste.

I don't want it to be tasting like a bread-smoothie, so I am concerned about the flavour of Tapiocas and Millet, has anyone eaten these before? This is also why I dont want oats, because I don't like the flavour.


The only other suggestion I would have is Sunflower Seeds, but gettahealth doesn't sell those, so that's my problem.


Any special reason for liking nuts so much? A dozen omega eggs would be a lot healthier- more protein and less omega-6's. If you are stuck on the nuts, almonds, macadamia, and walnuts are the best of the bunch. Flax is the only seed that is even close to balanced in essential fatty acids, though it's unknown how useful the long chain isoforms really are.


^for what it's worth:

Chia>flax for omega 3.


I'm eating a lot of mayonnaise, salad dressing and cheese these days. So I can't comment.

In all seriousness, all of the stuff you listed is fine. Just vary your fat sources--get some saturated, some mono, and some poly. And always get your EFAs from fish oil and/or flax oil.

I doubt you'll have to worry about excessive omega-6 intake if you get a balance of fats.

I once had an awesome peanut butter that was made with peanuts (yeah, yeah, a legume), egg whites, flax seeds, and a little honey and sugar (gasp!).


^^^ Power Butter. It's good but mixes like crap