Ultimate Nootropic? (Brain Booster)

This is for the students here who will be returning to school this Fall. If this works as well as the literature describes, you might go back a whole lot sharper!

Imre Zs-Nagy, the leading centrophenoxine researcher, believes that centrophenoxine makes its greatest contribution to brain health through its antioxidant effects. He notes that centrophenoxine is a more effective source for getting DMAE into the brain, than DMAE itself. (2)

Once inside brain cells, DMAE is converted into phosphatidyl choline…

For those wishing to use centrophenoxine as a long-term anti-brain aging treatment, or for general cognition enhancement where no psychological/neurological disease exists, as little as 250 mg once or twice daily with breakfast/lunch is a generally safe and useful dose.

Centrophenoxine is a natural synergist with piracetam. Piracetam has shown synergistic learning/memory effects when combined with choline or lecithin in both animal and human studies Centrophenoxine is a â??better cholinergicâ?? than choline or lecithin, as previously discussed."


I’m trying this very soon. Lord knows I need it! XD

I did 3000 mg/day for almost a month.

[quote]MattyG35 wrote:
I did 3000 mg/day for almost a month.[/quote]


At first, it hurt my stomach so I reduced the dose, then decided to take it with more fluids and that helped alot.

I had alot more mental energy than normal, like I was very aware, more than usual.
I wasn’t using it as an ACh precursor, although I’m sure that was unavoidable. I’ve read that it possibly breaks down lipofuscin build up, and I have quite the stack ahead of me(ani, oxi, vinpo, galantamine, ginkgo, l-tyrosine, bacopa, rhodiola, B5) so I figured it was time for an ‘oil-change’ for my brain, so to speak.

For the centro, I started at day one 500mg, day two 1g, day three 1.5g, day four 2g, until I reached 3000mg, then 3g hurt my stomach so I reduced my dose, then tried taking it with more fluids, and then all was well.

Yup, centro is generally regarded (in the Noop thread) as efficacious and helpful.

I may try it soon.