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Ultimate Natural Stack

Before I even ask the question, I know natural supplements are inferior to juice. Also, I hate “naturals” who are on their high horse about drug use. This is coming from somebody who would be juicing (and heavily) if it wasn’t for the fact that I"m in law school, and the legal risks just aren’t right for me.

Health is of no concern. And lets just pretend money isn't either.

So what supplements and what dosages?

I figured if I had the $$$, I would use :

androsol: 70 x 2 for 4-8 weeks at a time,
nandrosol: however much I could find room for on my body
tribex: 12 caps a day
methoxy: 4 tablespoons a day
glutamine: 30 grams a day
ALA: 2-3 grams a day

Preworkout: ECA + Powerdrive +phosphatidylserine

For cutting I would use

MD6 + triac for 4 or so weeks, than switch to lipok for a week or two.

Btw, I love test.net, but I totally disagree with their opinions about triac - I love the stuff. It plus guggulsterones and I lost 5 pounds of fat in two weeks, little or no thyroid shutdown, that I could perceive.

I really don’t expect, and absolutely nothing we’ve seen indicates, that going over 70 sprays total will give significant added benefit compared to stopping at 70. There’s such a thing as saturating a biochemical pathway and once you’ve done that, adding more drug (or supplement) doesn’t give more results.

As for Triac, plenty of people have had terrible fat rebound from it. It definitely
(this is a medical fact) has a greatly inferior ratio of inhibition to metabolic increase than you get with T3. You were lucky, and maybe the guggulsterones helped. Nonetheless, T3 is dramatically superior. Not opinion, but fact.