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'Ultimate MMA Conditioning' Book


Can I just say that this book is fantastic. I do not compete or train for MMA at all, never have and never will.

But the book has given me a great understanding of the different training methods for aerobic, alactic and lactic training methods. Not only the how's but the why's too.

Anyone else read this book?


I have not - but based upon your observation I intend to read it. I am primarily looking for alternative ways to train the various energy systems to improve my mountain biking. (interested in off bike training)
Thanks for the post



you must be a beginner asking a question like that…do what you want, but my advice is if you want to improve your mt biking, mma training wont help… ride road and your mt.bike… specific training to improve … cross training will get you good at cross training…when I quit running 20 years ago, I went to the older guys and coaches and asked how do I train for bike racing… they told me to ride ride ride…don’t rush it either. build a base…a few years later i made it to division 3 pro in Belgium… you wanna be a good mt biker? ride ride ride…if you been riding a while, keep at it…only way to be really good at a sport it train for that sport. you wanna get a sledge hammer and hit a tire 10 minutes non stop do it. its very hard I imagine, but that aint making you go with all the attacks in races…if I wanted to be a mma fighter I sure wouldn’t spend tons of hours road racing, I would mma train like they do…up to you… good luck…where do you race? what part of the usa?


I am assuming that is Joel Jamison’s book? I applied many of the principals off of his articles in my olympic tkd competition days. I focused on RHR through aerobic cardiac output work and alactic stuff through 10 second hill sprints. Worked like a charm.


It was not a question. I do appreciate your advice - however I don’t believe you got the context of my statement. I love riding mountain bike and I enjoy being fast but racing is not my primary goal (I do occasionally race in the southeast TN, NC, etc). I have always practiced cross training in order to keep hips and hamstrings loose, keep some strength, etc. Recently I have become more interested in adding an element to my cross training that would also benefit the cardio systems. Example…high intensity bodyweight routines, crossfit style workouts, etc. However…after checking the price on the above book at amazon I have decided to pass. I read a lot of books and I don’t ever intend to pay $47 for one.



totally understand…

a very good team called cane creek use to be based in n. Carolina…

good luck in your training.


spk - Division 3 pro - in Belgium - Much respect!