Ultimate Leaness

I’ve practiced on contest prep a few times just to see where I would end up…just for fun always with good results. Now I wonder when on your last week and doing the whole sodium load/ carb deplete, sodium deplete/carb load thing (yes with all the right vitamins, diruetics, etc…)Could you and would you throw creatin in there?

Reasons for asking 1# when I carb deplete my workouts go to shit(for obvious reasons) so the creatin would help with energy levels and #2 when dehydrating wouldn’t the creatine suck more water out of the body and into the muscle cell giving a more full look?(or take away from the hardness?)(or worse causing cramps)? Does anyone have any exp. on this? Approx stats. 30 yrs old, lifting 12 years, 5’11", 10 or less(I have a six pack) 195-200. Never wanted to get hyoooge just maintain athletic performance. Reason for post is up coming photo shoot(1 mo.).

Bump… Help anyone??? Do I need pixs or sump’n? A little more info I’m about to go on a quick cycle of Epistane(IBE) and Furazadrol(Axis) plus utilizing(Biotest) GPC and Drive, ECA, SuperPump 250 until the last week, Multi, Liver support, ODO’s Choice Oil, PCT. I am also carb cycling usually 3 high days(2,500 kcal) and 1 low day(1,750). Five days weights and four days 45-60 cardio @ 160 bpm.

When I did my last prep, I decided to drop the creatine and hope to come in leaner and drier looking. Yes there are people who will argue the ‘muscle is comrpised of water’ angle, but I was counting on my carb intake to fill me out, while dropping water to tighten up. Most likely the differences will be minor, but it will ultimately depend on how lean you are right at the end anyway.


Thx Stu, yea I know my carbs definitly fill me out, but I was hoping for a couple extended calorie buring sessions when cals were extremely low and hope maybe the creatine might draw some of the subQ water into the cell and dry me out even more. What do ya think Stu? Ques/comments anyone else…