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Ultimate Health Pancakes


Yo, i just invented some very tasty pancakes this morning which i would reccomend to anyone, heres the recipe

1 cup cooked oats ( i use steel cut)
1 cup egg whites
1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese
1.5 Tablespoons Olive oil
4 Twists of salt
1 whole egg (omega-3 Enriched)
Produces: 3 medium pancakes

2 Tablespoons 100% maple syrup

I think thats all...

LET ME know how you like them, i think they're fucking awesome


What's the point of going to all that trouble of making "healthy" pancakes and then putting maple syrup on it? Kind of defeats the purpose.


Vanilla Metabolic Drive, almond meal, egg. Damn good. Be careful not to overcook or they will be bad; otherwise they rock.


I hate having pancakes if I don't have syrup. Their just not pancakes then. But yes I know what you mean by defeating the purpose. I'm sure if you use it sparingly then it won't be as bad. I'm the "give it a good coat" kind of guy lol.


Same here lol, if I have waffles or pancakes I smother those MFers in peanut butter and syrup.

BTW if any of you guys have never tried putting peanut butter on your waffles/pancakes prior to adding syrup, you are really missing out.


I make similar pancakes and use Carr sugar free syrup. Delicious.



You had me at peanut butter...

I'm having one of those moments where I'm skipping in a grassy flower filled field holding a pancake coated in peanut butter and syrup listening to...


Can you elaborate with amounts (general is fine) and do you add water - WTH? LOL.


If it's real maple syrup its a shitload better for you than any of the other syrups and astronomically 'better' for you than that sugar-free, chemically created shit.

Don't be afraid of real food.


hmnn yeah, I've never used almond meal for anything, curious what the breakdowns are.



Fairly low glycemic index. Sugar is not the enemy if it's a training day, right?


wouldn't be my choice for first thing in the morning, but true.

Not to take anything away from the OP but I don't see the point in making a cheat food "healthy", takes the fun out of it :slight_smile:


PB makes everything better, and even left-over pancakes cold from the fridge tastes good with pb.


This is what I use... http://www6.netrition.com/bobs_red_mill_almond_flour_page.html

Doesn't taste too shabby when used in the pancake mix.


Hmnnn 1/4 cup contains
160 cals
6g carbs (3g sugar)
6g protein

sounds promising,... wonder what else you can mix this in as opposed to regular flour.



I used a small amount with pork for sweet and sour pork, and it came out fine. Give it a whirl and see how it turns out.


i forgot to mention that of course there is water in there as well, and like 4 packets of splenda I think. You just put in enough to make it about the consistency of pancake batter. Sadly, I didn't really have a specific recipe when I made these, so i have to just guess. I just kind of threw the stuff in. I'd guess about 2 cups protein, about 1.25-1.5 cups almond meal, and 3 eggs. You're welcome to play around with it and if you find a better mix than that, let us know! I don't remember the water amount, but just add enough so it mixes all together. Warning, if the mixture gets overcooked though, it's almost unbearable. I think the secret is to let the eggs get to just about "over medium," so that the yolks retain a lot of the moisture.

If you're really adventurous, you can try this. I also put this mixture in the microwave. I made good waffles once and bad ones once. So the next time I made the mix, I decided to throw it in the microwave because it would be less likely to dry it out. Using a glass loaf pan, I just poured it in. It was a weird consistency but it was pretty damn enjoyable. My gf thought it was nasty though, but I still thought it was crazy good. It was almost like a loaf of bread. You could cut slices, but they were a little soggy (undercooked) in the middle of the loaf. The soggy parts were almost better though.

I guess if you weren't afraid of raw eggs, this could be a smoothie as well.


I get my almond meal at trader joes


I make my own nut meals by just buying some nuts and blasting them in the food processor for a while. My FAVORITE is to make some macadamia meal, coat some fish in it (with seasonings), and cook it up in some coconut oil. A little flavor of the islands right there!


FYI, I wouldn't expect almond meal to work as a thickening agent like flour or cornstarch does. There is supposed to be a low carb thickener (arrowroot I think) but I've never tried it.