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Ultimate Fighter: Rampage vs Rashad


Anybody catch the first episode tonight?

-Lots of former NFL players.
-Lots of fat out of shape people.
-Wes Simms has a screw loose.
-Rampage sucked Kimbo's dick.
-Kimbo's face is on more promos then either coach.
-Rashad's team won the first fight
-Rampage's fighter 'Abe' suffered the most heinous cut i've ever seen.

As much as everyones going to bitch, Kimbo is by FAR in the best shape out of anyone. Now believe me I don't agree with all the hype he is getting but he is freakishly cut and his hands are real smooth. I mean Barry White smooth. His ground game looks weak BUT his wrestling isn't bad and he may be able to use it in reverse ala Chuck Liddell. You didn't see too much of what everyone had to offer but unless someone with some serious BJJ can step up my money is on Kimbo.

The first fight was terrible. Rampage's fighter spent the entire fight on his back getting elbowed in the face causing one of the nastiest cuts I have ever seen in my life. I'm really surprised the didn't stop it being it was on cable and everything.


When was this evident?


Roy Nelson will win it all.


Jesus Christ Kimbo is huge..


There ya go,homey.


good save


HEY! Watch ya words,racist! There's enough air for everybody.


What's 10 times 2? LOL


What's 50 times "GET UP?"



  1. What was up with Marcus Jones doing the over/under drills and severely gassing? Looked like he was going to pass out. And he also got picked in the last half of picks, so I guess he has a lot to prove.
  2. The cut on Abe's forehead was pretty intense.
  3. Rampage isn't much of a coach, but he's hilarious.


That gash on his head was fucking insane. I honestly don't know why they didn't stop the fight. The other dude coulda peeled his face like an orange.


  1. I don't know...I do know that Jones is year older than Kimbo and has less to equal his experience. I seriously doubt that they only did over-under drill to test their conditioning. Hopefully his conditioning gets better.

  2. That was a head vagina..lol

  3. Rampage only cares about Rampage. But he sure likes him some Kimbo...he was all dreamy-eyed watching Kimbo train..lol. They are definitely milking Kimbo for ratings. Rampage may be milking him for other reasons.


Also, did ya'll see Rampage fuck that door up? I've punched a door and left a weird "rip" all the way through a portion, but he shredded it like a bear. That's one of the most intimidating things I've ever seen.


At the end of that montage he rips it completely off the hinges with bare hands. Although last time he coached against Griffon he knocked over a metal parking sign with one hand so im they probably installed shitty doors when they heard he was coaching again.

x2 that Rampage is a shitty coach but I could listen to him talk all day about nothing.

"that boy had some titties!"


I was thinking that it might've been a stunt door, but we're also talking about a guy who picked a large grown man up to shoulder level while in a triangle and slammed him through the ring. Think it's definitely possible.


  1. Yeah I agree, we didn't see all the conditioning, just what was aired. Maybe all the guys gassed, but just showed Marcus.

  2. Point taken haha

  3. True. I think Rampage likes Kimbo because he sees a lot of Kimbo in himself.



Speaking of coaches, who do you guys think were the best/worst coaches in TUF so far?

Best: Tito
Worst: Shamrock, Rampage


That slam was impressive. But Rampage did not knock him out with that slam.


The average interior door is cardboard with a very thin veneer, trust me you could do this too. Not that hes not a badass but the door thing is a joke, scripted i am sure for effect. Any average person could shred an interior door.