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Ultimate Fighter Champ !!


Sat June 24th
Ultimate Fighter Finale
On Spike TV

Middleweight Division

Kendall Grove VS. Ed Herman

Light Heavy Weight Division

Josh Haynes VS. Micheal Bisping

Who will be the Victor? Post your thoughts.

As for my picks...Kendall Grove and Micheal Bisping



Ed Herman and Bisping. Bisping outmatched everyone from day one. Kendall Grove reminds me of the Indian guy from the streetfighter video game and once Herman takes him down into G&P it will be the end, probably in the 2nd round




Should be pretty goood. We got 3 weeks in row of fights which is pretty nice. I just wish the Bitter Rival undercard was a little better, but we'll see how they turn out.


I too, am going Herman and Bisping.


Im going herman and bisping, I like florian too, I think he's improved alot since the show.

Anybody check out Jesse Forbes nickname "Kid Hercules", just made me laugh.


Kendall by (T)KO in the second, Bisping by whatever MMA move he wants.


I don't know about the heavies, but I'm taking the lanky Hawaiin against the cracked-out red head. The redhead keeps talkin' about how hardcore he is, but so far I ain't seen shit. The Hawaiin just wins.


then you clearly havent watched the show


Kendell Grove - 3rd round referee stoppage

Micheal Bisping - 1st round TKO


Hard for me not to be biased in the middleweight section, I want Kendall to win.

Bisping looks to be the handsdown favorite, but it only takes one shot so you never can tell. Haynes didn't show it in the show at all, but most of his previous fights have been won by submission.


Herman and Bisping. Take it the bank.


A Team Quest fighter is will come prepared. I think Herman has the skill but Tito's plan to ice him out and make him wait to fight worked. The longer he stayed under Shamrock, the more out of shape and unfocused he became. He fought just well enough to win but on Saturday, he'll bring his A game.

That being said, I'd rather see Kendall win.


I went to the same crappy highschool Kendall went to, so I am pulling for him.

I like the guy, he reminds me of my old friends back on Maui.

I hope he breaks the Gingerkids ribs.


To all you fools yapping about Ed...what up now fools??!?!?!!?


um...you act as if that was a one sided fight. both of them gave it all and to me Ed had the upper hand in most of the rounds. The only reason he lost was because of the rear naked at the end which he survived. But regardless congrats to Kendall and also Ed for picking up the contract.


I think Ed won, and regardless of who the victor was, having a unanimous decision was ridiculous.

Also, did anyone catch the fact that they weren't giving away new cars to the winners this season? I wonder why that was? Maybe because they bought them for the coaches instead? I have no idea I was just throwing it out there.


well they did give out new Breitlings..which I'm assuming is as much as some new cars lol.


wtf? how are the judges supposed to score a split decision? are they supposed to get together and decide it was close enough to see a split? Sadly enough, they score it on their own without a group discussion. Ed fucked himself by giving up his back in the last minute and almost getting submitted, otherwise that last round goes to Ed and he wins.


Thanks for telling me how I'm acting...he won the fight, fair and square. But thanks for your input on my acting genius