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Ultimate Fighter 3 on SpikeTV


Thursday, April 6th is the big date.

The evening begins at 8pm EST with a live Ultimate Fight Night, featuring all your favorite UF allumni.

Ultimate Fighter 3 premiers at 10pm EST. You can even learn about the fighters before hand by checking out all the fighters bios at http://www.theultimatefighter.tv/index.php


Wow, so every single light heavyweight is 205lbs, and every single middleweight is 185, now THAT's consistency.

How about the middleweight who's 6'6" and 185lbs? That's gonna be like watching a flamingo fight...


I'm pumped for this season of TUF. I think Tito is really going to try and press Shamrock's buttons during the show and I wouldn't be surprised if the two go face-to-face on more than once.

I just hope the actual fights on this show are better than season 2, which had several really bad fights with guys basically giving up.


Dana White likes to add some WWE to his UFC, so I'd say its likely that Ortiz and Shamrock have some type of heated exchange. It's too bad that Shamrock is 42 and his body, for him, is very deteriorated.


Pittsburgh Area T-Men:

Be on the look out for a commercial for the Pittsburgh Fight Club during broadcasts of TUF 3. I would have been in the damn thing but I overslept last Saturday.


I just hope this season isn't as brokeback as last's season where you had guys just quitting left and right, running around in their tighty whities and socks, and oil wrestling.


It's definitely going to be interesting seeing Tito and Shamrock have to be "civil" to each other for the length of the series. Though, it'd be interesting if the pair of them were the undercard for the finale.

I'm flipping through the fighter bios. Rory singer is Adam Singer's brother (Forrest Griffin's trainer), I believe. He (Adam) posts here once in a while.

I'm glad to see another Long Islander in the cast. Mike Stine, one of the Middleweights, is an instructor at a Tiger Schulman's located right next to the last gym I worked at (small world, eh?).

Geez louise, one of the light-heavy's used to be 330, and fought at 215. The second coming of Diesel Riggs??

Whoops, finalist in the works right here...Tait Fletcher (a light-heavy) was Joe Rogan's personal bodyguard. Hmmm, nepotism anyone?? (kidding, kidding)

I'm wondering if the coaches get to design their own workouts. I've flipped through Shamrock's Lion's Den book, and he seems to be an advocate of basic gymnastics like tumbling and cartwheels. In any case, can't wait for it to begin. Good luck to 'em all.


Is it just me, or does you guys thinkg that the UFC pretty much picks tge winners from the get go..and hopefully picks up a few gems on the way...they could bring in way better fighters than they do...

TUF 1...anyone who knows MMA...knew Diego would run through the competition..Florian is a 155lb was really his only threat and not much of one.

TUF 2...Joe Stevenson was head and shoulders better than anyone else there...the only one comprable to him on the ground is Jorge..who is a 155lb fighter. but then guys like Von Flue,Cummo, and Evans suprise some ppl and do rather well.

this season Michael Bisping is the stud of the show, he should be able to run through the competiton...but who knows...and thats why we all watch...can't wait...especially to see Tito and Ken go at it


It's cool to see a Maui Boy make the show. I went to that same high school.

I hope he doesn't suck.


Interesting note - I heard Ken Shamrock interviewed by David Lee Roth yesterday. Apparently, Shamrock is in training right now for a fight against Ortiz, sometime in July. I don't how that would coordinate with the season finale of the show. But, I'm guessing it's probably going to be right around that time.


Correct. The Ortiz-Shamrock fight will happen 1 week after the season finale of TUF 3.


Newseason looks like its going to be good. No challenges, a bracket system where everyone in the semi-finals has actually fought and won.

Dana called the firsst fight exactly for what it was. Striker vs a well rounded MMA who dominated.


Anyone watch Ultimate Fight Night? I thought the Bonnar decision was pretty piss-poor, but then I haven't been a big fan of many UFC decisions.

In the reality show, Tito confirmed what I've suspected for a long time in that he is a nice guy who gets a bad rap...I'd much rather train with him and Dean Lister than Shammy.


I'm very happy they did away with the challenges. Hopefully they've also done away with the lame product endorsements during the show. Last year they always showed guys putting on deodorant and talking about Xyience.

The group of fighters look good this year. Rory Singer got some pub and I'm also pulling for the deaf fighter, as he's from my hometown of Utica, NY.

Interesting to see the differences in coaching styles. Tito has a style similar to Randy Couture, while Shamrock is more laid back like Chuck Liddell was.


The drama between Ken and Tito will be a lot of fun to watch. Ingenious to have them fight again right after season 3 ends. I really like Tito. He's seem like he's going to be a great coach. Very hands on and has great assistant coaches. I know Ken has trained a lot of guys at the Lions Den but he doesn't seem like he gets it. Very hands off.

Really what fighter has come out of the Lions Den and done anything (please correct me if I'm wrong)I've never like Ken and I didn't care for Tito either but the guy is halarious. I loved that clip of them at their weigh in before the first fight and Ken's yelling at Tito who just busts out laughing. Great stuff.


Random thoughts on last night's episode:

  • Okay, that whooshing sound you heard last night around 11:30, yeah that would be my hometown pride flying right out the window. :frowning: My fellow Long Islander...done. But he had such dreamy eyes.

  • Can you seriously tell me that Deaf Matt, with only 5 months training experience is not just an attention-gimmick-thing?

  • My favorite line, in the very beginning, Dana says something like "We've made changes to the way we do things, to make sure that only the best fighters make it to the finals." I took that as a subtle dig at newbie Brad Imes making his way to the big show last season. It could be very wrong though.

  • Hurray for seeing Shamrock have his guys do an atlas stone variation. But, in Strongman, don't the platforms get slightly lower as the weights go up, or at least stay the same? I mean, it looked like the last platform they were working on was well above head height for some of those guys.

  • What do "we" think of Shamrock including trainer/"nutritionist" Dan Freeman in his corner, instead of some kind of BJJ guy? I understand if that's how Shamrock wants to train his guys, but, realistically I think it was a poor choice. In the timeframe they're training in, technical practice is going to be more important than strength & conditioning.

P.S. - From what I saw, Jardine totally should've won the decision over Bonnar.


That may be, but apparently the kid was an absolute monster in D3 wrestling, and may turn out to be very good after some more training....before the show Tito was talking about how he was going to recruit some of the guys on the show to be on Team Punishment, so the kid may end up being a threat after a couple years with Tito.

Also, I hate how Tito gets such a bad rep as an instigator...I might be tempted to make a few pokes at someone who was so uptight about things as Shammy, did you see how it was Shamrock walking up on Tito on the meeting and Tito having to make all the concessions?....the fact that Shamrock would beat my ass would probably be a big deterant though.


I don't think it was a dig at Imes, since Imes did legitimately win fights. If anything he was referring to someone like Kenny Florian from season one, who made it to the finals while only winning one fight (and even that fight looked like a fluke).


Yeah, I guess I could see that happenening. I also thought it was awesome when the guy was rolling with Lister a few times, Lister walks away, then the deaf guy says to Tito something like "That guys pretty good. He tapped me out."

Cap'n, I can see what you mean about Florian. They definitely had to change something, so that the guys with the most wins get to the finals.


It was actually a dig at Sammy Morgan in season 2 who got into the semis against Cummo (even though he hadn't fought anyone til then), where he was subsequentally KTFO'd. Getting rid of the Real World Vs. Road Rules type challenges was a good idea. I too thought it was interesting how Team Shamrock was like WTF? when the bodybuilder/nutritionist guy was giving them advice.