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Ultimate Fighter 2 On SpikeTV


Okay, so who caught the first episode last night? It's like a bare-knuckeld soap opera. This season seems like they've got a handful of girly-guys on.


First off, Eli looks (or, looked, before he pussied out) just like Adam Baldwin (Animal Mother from "Full Metal Jacket"). That was freaking me out the whole time.

Kenny was a serious disappointment. Granted (and this is something that we all discussed about the first season), that much weight loss is insane (21 pounds in 24 hours). But, like Dana explained, the dude knew he was going to be in the welterweight class. He should've come prepared. But to punk out after dropping 15 pounds already, should be unforgiveable.

That "resident kook" Luke Cummo trains with Matt and Nick Serra at a studio around the block from me. That's all, I have nothing constructive to say, just that little random fact.

What'd y'all think?


UFC is probably the saddest attempt at real fighting I've ever seen. I don't know how anyone could confuse this shit for martial arts. A bunch of girly men rolling around slapping each other with gloves and tape on. Most of them are in pretty terrible shape, with a few exeptions.

That clip of the Oakland lynching was more exiting than an episode of UFC. Atleast that women didn't go emo on us and start crying about how her feelings are hurt or her space was intruded apon.


Good job coming across as completely unintelligent and clueless! Keep up the good work:)


so kenedy, when are you gonna fight Chuck Liddell? I mean, its not like he's a real fighter or anything, right....


I have to agree that alot of what I see are pretty poor fights, there are some great fighters also.

It seems that after the second round they are hardly even moving. What would you say about boxing if after the third round they couldn't even throw a punch?

I don't get to see the pay per view stuff, it might be better.


Give me a Tube...TUBE Give me a Steak...STEAK Give me a Boogie...BOOGIE!!

Dude, first off, if you're referring to the show, it's called "The Ultimate Fighter", not "UFC", UFC is the name of the organization. And if that's what you're calling bullshit, what then do you consider "real" martial arts?

Again, are you talking about pro UFC fights, or the amatures in training on this show? Most pro fights I've seen are constant action. You'd be hard-pressed to find a fight where both fighters run out of steam after the 1st or 2nd round.

The guys on TUF, however, are in training, and as such, aren't up to the level they need to be. Accordingly, they may not be impressive now, but give them a month or 2. The ones that deserve respect will earn it. :wink:


Most of what I have seen was the final show. I'm sure the top guys are good.


[quote]kenedy13 wrote:
UFC is probably the saddest attempt at real fighting I've ever seen. I don't know how anyone could confuse this shit for martial arts. A bunch of girly men rolling around slapping each other with gloves and tape on. Most of them are in pretty terrible shape, with a few exeptions.


Fights are not supposed to be pretty.

I think you have seen too many kung-fu movies and think that is the way "real" martial artists fight.


I gotcha. I guess I kinda consider it like watching a high school football game. They guys out there are doing better than I could, so it's impressive to watch, even if it isn't 100% pro-level.


well, i was a little unimpressed with some of those guys. i guess the guy that quit (Eli) might just really be camera shy and, as he said "out of his element." still, he shouldn't have shown up....there was a lot of effort put into getting those guys there.

the guy that couldn't make eight was an idiot....he didn't show up in shape. hell, i lost 10 lbs in one hour in wrestling practice back in the day...

still, they're competing and i'm not, so i gotta give 'em props. i love to watch that stuff, regardless.

Minotaur, do you know that Cummo guy? at least he's not running his mouth the whole time like some of the other guys...


I am a casual UFC fan.

The first episode of Ultimate Fighter 2 was really sad but I expected it to be this way. Better to get rid of those that are not ready by taking them all out in the first show.

Some of the training tests I couldnt believe...running for 5 mins at 5mph,6mph,7mph,8mph,9mph and finishing off with 10mph? That seems crazy hard.


I actually consider trying this sometimes at the gym, sounds killer!


I don't know him personally. Like I mentioned, he trains with the Serra Brothers (both of whom are pros in the UFC), and they have a dojo literally around the corner from my house. I took a demo class there a few months ago. It's got a great atmosphere, and I'd love to train there (as soon as I find an extra $180 a month).


Yeah, I was pretty pissed about staying up until eleven when I had an early morning client and not getting to see anyone fight. BTW, if the last season was such a hit (I didn't start watching until halfway through but enjoyed what I saw) why are they still showing it so late? The show should be able to stand on it's own by now (it's on after WWE so I guess they figure that they need the carryover audience). Anyways, hope next week we get to see some punches thrown.

And why are these guys showing up so over wieght compare to their weight class? Dana pretty much ripped all the welterweights telling them they need to start cutting weight immediately. They probably should write that into their contracts for the show that they have to report within 10 pounds of their competittion weight. Even a total idiot can see that dropping that much weight isn't healthy and the shows producers should take some interest in that.


Having watched the first and now this season, I have to say I'm quite unimpressed with the conditioning and physique of most of the competitors on the Ultimate Fighter. Coming into an opportunity like this, you should be in the best shape of your life. Many of these guys, frankly, don't look it, especially when compared to the K-1 competitors.

UFC, to this day, still strikes me as attracting the haphazard "bar room brawler" more than the true martial artist, as PRIDE and K-1 seem to. It might just be a cultural difference, or the wide proliferation of non-MMA/full-contact martial arts organizations in the US. This season should be interesting - I like how they've changed the challenges to strength and conditioning events rather than random, "typical" reality TV tests.

I recommend everyone get ahold of the Stephen Bonner/Forrest Griffin fight from the finals of last year. It's been heralded as perhaps the greatest MMA fight of all time. Maybe not so technically, but in terms of heart, strength, perserverance, and courage, their match was quite inspiring.


Forrest Griffin would make a great comedian as well! It was an unbelievable fight.


I kind of thought it was a let down. If old boy would have made his weight that might have made it worth watching. Without a fight it was kind of boring. I liked season one I hope this one picks up.


THe first six episodes will be at 11, after which the time will change to 9 pm on saturday nights. It wasn't made clear as to whether the show will continue to play on mondays but it was mentioned that there will be multiple chances to catch an episode during the week. I got this from mmaweekly.com they have all the inside scoop stuff. It was even reported that there were a lot of injuries in the tapping of this season and the rules had to be bent in order for the show to go on. For example, in the first show we saw three people get eliminated by one way or another and in the next episode they add an outsider. I'm guessing this is going to happen a couple of times. I still like the show and will conitnue watching it.


Hey Guys my name is Adam Singer and I am Forrest's coach. I think this season will be better then the last. The 170lb fighters are all very talented.



Think the reason being is that WWE Raw will be on USA Network in Oct.