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Ultimate Fight Night Card

Here is the next Ultimate Fight Night card. Looks pretty good to me, a lot of guys with from The Ultimate Fighter in this one. (My pics to the side)

  • Rashad Evans vs Sam Hogar (Hogar via submission)
  • Luke Cummo vs Jason Von Flue (Cummo via KO)
  • Josh Burkman vs John Fitch (Burkman via submission)
  • Joe Stevenson vs Josh Neer (Stevenson via submission)
  • Stephan Bonnar vs Keith Jardine (My pick for fight of the night. Bonnar by TKO/ref stoppage)
  • Josh Koscheck vs Ansar Chalangov (don’t know Chalangov)
  • Chris Leben vs Luigi Fioravanti (Leben. KO)
  • Trevor Prangley vs. Chael Sonnen (Prangely via TKO)
  • Brad Imes vs Gabriel Gonzaga (Imes, decision)

Not a bad card. I like these shows as it’s a good way for UFC to build up its up-and-coming fighters. Although the shows would draw better ratings if they had more “big” stars on the show, I understand UFC’s reasoning for not wanting to give away its top stars on free TV.

BTW, when does this show take place?

Looks good. When is this one playing, haven’t seen any commercials for it?

I’ll take Neer over Stevenson, though if it goes to decision probably Stevenson wins since he’s being groomed as one of Dana’s golden boys.

Sorry fellas. 04/06/2006 8:00 PM EST (courtesy of www.ufc.tv)
BTW, check out www.richfranklin.com for pics of the aftermath of the Loiseau fight. David’s eyes are, um, well just check it out…