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Ultimate Fat Loss Stack


I found HOT-ROX, Methoxy-7, and M to be excellent for losing fat and maintaining muscle (with proper diet and training of course). At the end of my use, I felt big, cut, hard, and dried out. Anybody else ever try this combo?


I have used that stack, but I actually prefer Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7.

I get leaner on this stack without changing my diet.


I am trying something along those lines now, but I was not specifically taking the M. Might have to give that one some thought. Sort of curious if anyone considered using HOT-ROX, Methoxy-7 and Alpha Male for losing fat and maintaining muscle. I would think the Alpha Male might be even more beneficial than just the M.


Yes-it might. I feel like the M really dried me out but it could just be subjective and/or the result of lower bodyfat.