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Ultimate Diet and Cardio/GPP for Relative Strength

My only goal right now is to maximize my relative strength. Obivously I’m aiming to minimize bodyfat and keep hypertrophy to a minimum.

My strength training is solid, with 3 full-body workouts per week, sticking to compound movements in the 1-5 rep range.

My questions are regarding diet and cardio/gpp. I don’t tend to do well on low carbs, so my plan is to limit myself to foods listed in the “look good nekkid” article, keep protein relatively high (~200g @ 180lbs. bw), and just monitor total cals to get lean.
Does anyone have any ideas for improvements to this?

Regarding cardio/GPP, what would be the ideal program to a) strip off fat and b)maintain a good standard of fitness without interfering with my strength training?

Any help is much appreciated.


Don, I have no idea what your BF percentage is, but your protein intake probably is sufficient if your calorie deficit is not severe. In general, I’ve always liked to multiply LBM by 1.5g of protein per day and keep each meal to below 50g of protein (arbitrary number, yes, but my preference).

As far as cardio goes, I would recommend that you research and adopt HIIT. No more than four 30-minute sessions per week.

Other than that, it looks like a good plan!