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Ultimate Cluster Training Program Questions

I have 3 questions regarding your Ultimate Cluster training program…

  1. If wanting to get more size along with the strength, would it be acceptable on the 2nd movement of the workout to do 2 sets of 4-6 or 6-8 normal reps as opposed to 2 cluster sets?
    Ex: Main Movement - Bench press 3 cluster sets
    2nd Movement - Close Grip Decline press - 2 sets of 6-8

  2. How would you organize this 4 day plan throughout the week?
    Ex: Would it be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday?

  3. How does the compare to size and strength gains compared to your Size and Strength Program on your Thibarmy website because I purchased that workout.
    Ex: Doing 1 top set on the main lift of the day of between 80-90% compared to cluster sets on main lift?

Thank you for your time.