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Ultimate Chest Exercises with Bodyweight



What are you looking for? You already made a thread like this a while back, did you not?


No, i made a thread awhile back, but this is strictly advanced chest exercises. Totally diff. stuff here


While very impressive, this stuff isn't advanced chest exercises. It's advanced core exercises.


This just ridiculous... At first I thought I was just watching a bad break dancing video but apparently you are serious that these are chest exercises.


break dancing



One would assume the Ultimate chest exercise would produce the Ultimate chest...

This is The ultimate Boredom routine. Something you concoct one day because you dont feel like going to the gym and just start fooling around with body movements. Oh and that "Frogger" movement 2:50 in on the first video is really cute.


Sorry but you lack understanding of these exercises. Planche, planche pushups, one hand pushups, plyo pushups.... are all working the chest. Ya there is alot of core as well, but its mainly chest. Get the facts strait before posting cocky remarks.


Where do you even start to first attempt those exercises? I always found it fasinating that people can do those type of movements.



This thread belongs in the conditioning forum.

Certainly not this one.


Agreed. People seem to think Difficult Exercise = Bodybuilding for some reason....


His other thread about the EXACT SAME SHIT is in the conditioning forum..


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He's just looking to increase visitors to his Youtube channel.


Planches are not a chest exercise. Especially when done with bent arms (actually more a combo of being able to exert and maintain tension throughout the body, and balance). Plyo pushups aren't a chest exercise either when you add that hopping/ kipping motion with your legs. Granted, it looks flashier, but it isn't harder and you certainly aren't making your chest bear the brunt of the work.

Either way, these are not bodybuilding methods.


Sounds like you and some others above dont know what you are talking about, or any experience with this style of exericses. So u think bodybuilding can only be done through weightlifting? These are bodweight exercises that target the chest and build muscle. Also this is bodybuilding not just conditioning.... Its muscle building exercises done in sets, only its not weights being used. Once again.... i will say it.. the major muscle being focused on in all the exercises is the chest, and the core is worked too. Looks like alot of ignorant and unexperienced people in this forum.


You show me one professional bodybuilder doing that then. If it's that magical, SOMEONE on the Olympia stage HAS to be utilizing it.


y u no lift barbell?????


You show me one professional bodybuilder doing that then. If it's that magical, SOMEONE on the Olympia stage HAS to be utilizing it. [/quote]

Ya and they are also using every supplement and drug they can get there hands on to get to where they are. Pro bodybuilders build bulk muscle that makes there body extremly slow, unflexable, and just for show....