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Ultimate Body Comp Program Questions


First off I looked through forums and found nothing on this program if someone can link something that answers my questions please do.

So I’ve been looking for something to run and this interested me. Main reason is it’s a type of training I’ve never tried and secondly after about 8 weeks of eating maintenance I’m going to try to shed some more fat.
I lift in a home gym, I have all the basics, bench, power rack, dumbbells, barbell and several sets of bands, pull up bar with several grips, with dip handles, etc

To prevent from this being a post that’s a novel I’ll just list the workouts and days that I would have to change simply for equipment purposes, everything else will be as you have it written.

Day 1- am
Sissy squats body weight
Zerchers squats (I don’t have leg press or knee extension machine)
Back squats

Incline bench
Flat db
Incline flys

Day 3 - am
Bent over barbell rows
Db rows
Heavy band rows (no cables)

Day 4- am
Hip thrusts
Prone Ham curl with dumbbell
Sumo RDL 3x8 (sumo leg press originally listed 1x20)

Flat bench
Dips bodyweight 4xamrap
Flat db flys

Day 6- am
Hammer grip weighted pull ups (no cables)
Last straight arm pull downs with bands

Also is there any place you could fit trap work in this program without screwing it up?

That’s what I have everything else can be done exactly as written. If you see something you’d change I’m game. Thanks in advance looking forward to giving this one a try.


Where’s the pressing work???


I didn’t list it because I’m able to run it as you have it written in the program. All I listed were the workouts that I had to change because of equipment issues.

Also the movements I changed are in ( ) and I think I listed what I changed it from.

I went ahead and edited it and added the pressing am days in the post


I made the adjustments I think you need.


Awesome thanks a lot man. Much appreciated!