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Ultimate Anti-Inflammation Strategy

I thought I would start this thread as I really wanted to get an idea of what people are doing (and also not doing) in order to minimise inflammation. I have a particular interest in this area, as I have inflammatory arthritis which generally is under control, but can flare up from time to time.

Obviously Inflammation is something which most people who weight train have to deal with from time to time, so what are your strategies??

I used some dietary alterations, starting on an elimination diet, and eventually excluding lots of foods I found increased whole-body inflammation, particularly at the joints.

Don’t believe it will ‘cure’ arthritic problems mate, but hope that’s of some help as an idea, at least

Here’s a comment from a recent forum topic, from CW:

“Chad Waterbury: Excellent, TC. I was going to write my next post on this very topic but you beat me to it - damn you. Cutting down on meals per day is the single best nutritional change I’ve made to my clients program since day one. Periods of IF with early evening training before a big meal has increased insulin sensitivity, reduced resting blood sugar, and drastically cut down on inflammation.”