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Ulnar Subluxation/Snapping Triceps Syndrome


Ok so I found out what the dealeo is with mt elbow. I have ulnar subluxation (or snapping triceps syndrome) which is basically pressure being placed on my ulnar nerve during extension type movements which cause it to shift over my medial epicondyle of my humerus.

Anybody experienced with this that knows of good treatments for it?

Surgery is the only "cure" but since its not severe I would rather treat it to alleviate some pressure.

Thank you.


First, did you see a physician to get the diagnosis and did you get an imaging done? Did the doctor say whether the symptoms were from an inflammation of/around the ulnar nerve, impingement of the ulnar nerve due to restricted musculature and ROM, or if there was an anatomical issue (smaller ulnar groove, laxity or tearing of the fascial sheath covering the ulna, etc)?

How you approach your rehab will vary depending on your specific situation, but a generalized answer would include 1) improving soft tissue quality and maintain appropriate tissue length of the wrist flexor/pronator and extensor/supinator masses, biceps and triceps; 2) continue to strengthen and train the surrounding musculature for stability of the elbow and quality movement patterns; 3) some anti-inflammatories may help relieve some of the "pressure" in the area.

I would avoid excessive hypertrophy of the flexor mass, especially if the symptoms are caused by the ulnar nerve being pinched by the surrounding musculature.

In the end, the surgery isn't horrible if it comes to it, but as you stated is not completely necessary unless the symptoms are not resolving or they become too great to handle.


Actually he just grabbed my arm, played around with it a bit (no homo) and basically said "you have ulnar subluxation" and said I should go for physio. Thats it. I came home, looked it up and my symptoms seem almost identical with it so there is a 99% chance that I have it.

I have had this my whole life and I know for a fact that symptoms are from pressure being placed on the nerve during extension type movements and not from inflammation.


I have the same issue, but mine is a result of breaking my elbow years ago. My ulnar nerve is fine until weight/pressure is added, at which point it starts subluxing. It used to give me pain doing certain exercises (skullcrushers, weighted dips, etc), but for the past year or so (until i got injured, but i digress) I have had little to no pain.

I think the main reason for my pain going away is just from eliminating exercises that bother it from my routine. I no longer do barbell skullcrushers, but instead use dumbbells. My advice would be to try and figure out what specific exercises bother it the most and either modify them or eliminate them from your routine. Other than that, just be careful and try not to let it keep you down! Good luck!