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Ulnar Nerve Compression


Hi CT,

I was wondering if you, or anyone else out there, has dealt with Ulnar Nerve Compression of the Medial Epicondyle (the inside of the elbow near the bone)? My MRI confirmed that I had Nerve Compression, and the orthopedist wants to do surgery to release the compression, which would have me in a sling for over 2 months, which I do not want to do.

Just curious if any one out there has dealt with this issue, and if they had any success in relieving the issue other than surgery, or stopping weight training.

I believe that snatching and benching lead to this problem, so I stopped. I currently cannot really do any heavy upper body work or deadlifts. So, I am just squatting and doing upper rehab work like band bull aparts and some rowing, which doesn’t seem to bother it much. the pain isn’t bad, it just talks to me once in a while.


Try stretching the pecs hard, immediately postworkout from a variety angles(ulnar impingement nearly always starts at the shoulder/chest tie in)…

Also IMO going under the knife seems ridiculous for something like this and should probably look around for a more clued up doc.
-Im sure there are loads mobilisation moves Thib will suggest trying and there are plenty other treatment options like ART therapy, Graston, voodoo/flossing bands, etc


nerve flossing helped me