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Ulna Side Wrist Pain/TFCC Injury?

Hi, I’ve recently been experiencing serious pain on the ulna side of both wrists. It started just over a month ago, I pushed though it for a few workouts thinking nothing of it and assuming it would just pass, but it never got better. I didn’t worry about it at first because there was no one moment where the pain became strong, it was more of a gradual onset…

3 weeks ago I stopped any direct arm work (which I didn’t do a lot of), as there was NO pain when the wrist was loaded along the direction of the forearm; presses and rows are all fine. Only when the wrist is loaded perpendicular to the forearm I experience pain.

A few specifics if it helps:
age, 20. weight, 210lbs
Been training seriously for about 4 months.
The only direct arm movements I used were cable pushdowns (V-grip and ropes).

What I want to understand is what did I do to cause this? And what can I do to rehab/help with the healing process?
I have used the site search and google to try and get some info but I know there are a lot of smart people on here that might be able to help with my situation.

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated as this injury has come at a time when I am extremely motivated to train (all my numbers are flying up) and it’s very annoying to have to work around.