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Ulcers and Roids??

Last time I went on the juice, I was on it for about a day and got mad pain in my upper abdomen. Carried on with the orals (d-bol) for another 2 days and stopped. Upped the dosage on the deca (100mgweek) and kept the sus the same (500mg)week for another week but the pain became unbearable - went for some tests and the doc saw 2 reflux ulcers (oesophagus) and four in the duodenal cap - all about 2mm.

I been on proton pump inhibitors for about a month now -and problem seems to be getting better but got some pain in my nipple area and gynolike fat deposition - no hard lumps - I think - might be a tiny bit underneath the nipple though. It would be left over from a series of badly planned cycles 2 years ago.

Anyways my questions are - any suggestions on the ulcer thing and should I seriously contemplate going for liposuction and gland removal before doing another cycle (would have to save up a heap of cash)

I had a similar problem with my stocmach, and switched from oral steroids to injections. First I’d suggest that.

Second, i also take proton pump inhibitors (protonix) because i have one or more very small ulcers from binge drinking. The orals are gonna put some extra strain on your stomach, so i would say try and get as many of the stomach pills you’re taking from your doctor as possible. But i take 2 protonix (twice the recomended dose) at the same time that i take orals and it works for me.

Again after you finish these you might want to just stay away from orals if you have stomach problems.

Finally i had the exact same question about the appearance of what i was afraid might be early gyno. The answer i was given was that i should start taking Nolvadex now and continue during my post cycle. It is really easy to find online.

On an unrelated note. Whenever you are buying things online, a smart place to start is http://froogle.google.com/. Also unrelated; consider that there are many scams online.

Hope that helps.

Thanks heaps - will give it a go next time I gas up