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Ulcerative Colitis Update...


It's now been 9 months since I was admitted to the hospital with severe Ulcerative Colitis and a completely inflamed stomach.

I have made NO progress since I left the hospital two weeks later, 40 pounds lighter. My weight goes to 170 lbs max, no matter how much I eat. For a Former Fat Boy that is mind blowing. I'm weak as fuck, have not touched a barbell ever since. I have no indications on foods that worsen my UC and foods that help, it seems so random.

I have read up so much about UC, Crohn's and inflammatory diseases in general but there is not one principle that has helped so far and so much of the literature contradicts each other.

I've always turned to T-Nation for cutting edge nutritional advice, I do not know what sources to trust otherwise. I feel my doctors are all incompetent, just trying to get me to take as many drugs as possible.

I guess my question is this... does anyone on here have any information that might help me cope with this? Anything at all? I'm at my wit's end... my libido is so pathetic Beyonce could give me a lap dance and I wouldn't get a hard on. I doubt there is a smidge of T left in my body.

Thanks guys.


Just a stab in the dark here, but have you tried using some MAG-10, do to it not being digested by our system, but rather just absorbed?


Sorry to hear about that. I knew this one girl with Crohns(sp?), and she told me that pretty much anything she eats is in smoothie form, I think it was to help with digestion. She wasn't in bad shape, but she wasn't like a figure athlete or total babe either.


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MAG-10 is actually the only protein supplement I've used since I got these problems. Results are mixed though, some days it really helps, some days even the MAG-10 will give me cramps. Plus a few shakes a day and I pee out of my ass :frowning:


If someone is sensitive to dairy, would that mean no whey powder as well?


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Pradaboy - if you want some advice, I will be glad to hand to the advice I was given by a former doctor turned nutritional expert.
I personally suffered from colitis. Hence I did everything in my power to get better. Unfortunately, in my case, the disease was very aggressive, and I ended up having surgery, I actually had my third and final surgery just 8 weeks ago.

But like I said - if you have any questions regarding which foods to eat, and which type of food to stay away from - or just have some questions in general about colitis, please feel free to send me a pm.


Sorry for the double post.


I was diagnosed with UC in the beginning of 2008, so I definitely feel your pain. The months leading up to that were a living hell. I never slept for a straight hour due to the abdominal pain and running to the bathroom. I went from 185 lbs. to 130 lbs. in 1 1/2 months(I'm 6'2" and lean so I didn't have much to lose).

It probably took me two years before I finally figured out my diet. Thankfully, I'm not that restricted in what I can eat, with milk being the only thing that bothers me(I can have lactose free milk). I've read that everyone with UC is different, so Bushido's idea of an elimination diet is a great idea.

What medicine's are you on? The medicine that I started with and still taking is Lialda. After starting the medicine I gained back most of my weight and strength. Having UC has actually forced me to eat healthier. My foods consist of the basic muscle building foods with a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially fibrous vegetables such as broccoli. I also supplement with metamucil at least twice a day.

I can still feel the effects of my UC, but is 98% better now, compared to when it began. I've been able to get my weight up to 205, become fairly strong(for me, currently), and be very lean and healthy overall.

Good luck!! Let me know if I can help with any questions you have.


BioSig Pracs learn about this issue in class.


Also, I noticed a drop in libido too. Taking trib twice a day and eating foods to promote testosterone have taken me back to my normal libido level.


In the last year I had 4 surgeries due to Crohn's disease.

I dropped from 300 pounds to 170 in 4 months in that timeframe.

I feel your pain, mate.

A few questions:

  1. What medications are you on?

  2. How do you eat your vegetables?

  3. How many meals a day do you eat?

Tweaking those three variables made the biggest change in how I felt and how I digested food - although I myself am just starting off on this journey.


First post here. Man I know your pain. Ive had UC for 3 years and didnt get it treated till last year. for the first time and was in the hospital for a week this summer...

I dont have much $, and I have no insurance.. I got some asacol, (works okay but still had the regular bloody issues... Cost $456 for a month supply) went on prednisone to try and calm it down was on it for 3 months, became a mad man. and it didnt stop my issues.. I have became desperate, my relationships were failing cause i couldnt go anywhere, do anything at all because i was running to the crapper 20 - 30+ times a day. I did my own research. Just like I did with my diet... and here is what I found out. Smoke Reefer. plain and simple! when I was having spasms, and screaming on the Crapper. I would run outside and smoke and hopefully make it through a blunt/pipe before needing to run back to the crapper. Usually all symptoms subsided within 10 minutes and for about 2 to 6 hours... I had no problems!!!! no running/tripping/praying someones not in the bathroom. It works best if you eat it / bake. keeps my symptoms in check for 12 + hours... And to you friend, That is the best gift at that point in time you will ever get.. anyway. after smoking 4 to 6 times daily to keep my colon in check almost all of my symptoms disapeared except for the occational ache on a #2. Marijuana cured my colitis! I swear by it... anyway awhile back i stopped smoking.. for about a month and i started to notice symptoms coming back.. so had to hit up the reefer. and guess what? back to normal again... just have to maintain every few days. I use Marijuana so I can live a life and be a good father. I can now go places with the Mrs. drive my kids to parks, hell work again!! and enjoy more of life! Which is what living is all about! Enjoying the people you have. I know if you try it, it WILL work!! IF you are as bad off as I was, you would trade 10 years of your life for 10 minutes of peace...

My diet is pretty much a keto diet year round, *** KEEPS THE TEST UP*** Steak, Eggs, (I can eat some dairy as long as I smoke or have edibles) in reality ive learned i can eat anything as long as the bleeding stops. and i heal. But i prefer to eat alot of fat, alot of protein, a carb meal once every 7 to 21 days. I dont drink milk, but I use heavy cream and eat cheese. Before I found the cure, I would eat only steak and eggs. and steak alot since it took longer to breakdown and give my colon more time to heal. You can live life again mate! Live the dream, dont be locked in the bathroom! Dont put your trust completely in modern medicine.. Most Drs have no idea what the body needs... They think fats bad lol... Find your own ways!!! Dont give up man!!! Hell I just signed up cause of your post. I know your pain! and it WILL go away if you follow my advice. Its up to you. Best of luck, and do your research! Follow it and you can continue your bodybuilding goals and better yet, live your life!


I'd be reticent to try the above method as I've not found any reliable literature as to the effect marijuana would have on the digestive tract itself.

There are plenty of safe OTC supplements and medications to try that are clinically trialed first.


BBB, Bayoubengal, Timothy: Thanks for the extensive write-ups. I'm working on my diet and figuring in some anti-inflammatory supplements. Marijuana is a funny thing though, I have never smoked anything in my entire life, so that's a bit of a big step, also I have a history of asthma.

1. I take no medication right now, I've been on a lot of crap, including prednisone, and I just don't trust it. I felt worse than I did now and it didn't do anything for me.

  1. I try to steam them as much as possible, some softer veggies I eat raw at times (cucumber, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes). Things like broccoli, cauliflower etc. I will definitely steam.

  2. Right now I would say about four, but there is no real consistency. I might have a good day and keep eating all day or I might feel crap and just eat two or three small meals.

Right now I've been really focusing on getting all organic food, sticking to light meat (chicken, fish, turkey) and veggies. When I eat a lot of fruit I feel the fructose also bothers me so I eat fruit two or three times a week now. I've eliminated refined carbs completely. All carbs I get in right now are from veggies, fruit or beans.


Sorry about your GI severe problems, that landed you in a hospital. I can sympathize. I used to be in a similar situation with my gut. The weight loss, the weakness, always tired, mental fog, medicines that did not work or work very poorly, were all what I experienced also. It has and was a nightmare to deal with.

I'm lucky in that I've just about found a cure for myself. What used to be a daily problem, has turned into an occasional issue. What I did was simple. I began taking the anti inflammatory supplements vitamin D3 and fish oil. I took enough D3 to raise my testing level to between 60 to 70ng/ml. This article explains how to do this.


I'm not sure why D3 helped me so much, it might have been it's anti-infection properties also. Hard to say, but feel lucky that i discovered how to take the sunshine vitamin/hormone.

The last thing I did was begin eating a paleo diet. As others have mentioned about elimination diets, a paleo or evolutionary diet is similar in that typical stomach problematic foods are removed from the diet. Thought this was a decent sight about the diet, from a body builder:


Good luck! Hope you find relief also.


Prada, seriously look into Questran (colestyramine).

It is a bile acid sequestrant. I'm not certain if you actually had any operations, but it is a common problem for people with both UC/Crohn's to have issues dealing with bile acid accumulation - which thus causes loose/watery bowel movements. Pretty simple medicine with little to no sides.

Good job on steaming the vegetables. That would have been my main recommendation. Raw veggies tore me up.

As for the meals, I actually transitioned to a pseudo-warrior diet. One large dinner meal and small snacks throughout the day - or one large dinner and 2 pulses (incidentally the pulse feast that CT released matches this closely). Basically I get the bulk of my food digesting through the night, which helps with frequency and other issues.

The other thing that helped me was that I gave up drinking non lactose free milk and caffeinated beverages. That was tough but it helped a lot. The digestive tract is very sensitive to caffeine, so it may be worth a shot for you.


Heres some info/research about Marijuana and IBD.



There is plenty more if you look. I googled "marijuana and cb1 and cb2 receptors and colitis" ALOT of info out there... Just have to look around. I know my results with it. Its not about getting high, its about living life and being able to enjoy life.

Also, I have asthma to mate, ironic enough im allergic to the inhalers... No matter what I can't run/ jog long distance without atleast going from a sprint/jog to a walk every couple minutes...Ive noticed positive results in my "wind" if i slowly increase my speed but this is over months.. Overall I dont like to run, So I dont anymore. Marijuana never really affected my asthma in a negative way... Perhaps its placebo, but I've noticed better performance running after smoking. Maybe its cause im more in tune with my breathing? food for thought. Hope that helps some... What i know is, OTC supps and scripts didnt help me, oxy's helped with the pain but messed with my head and personal life.. I quit taking the drugs perscribed, one they werent working, 2. the side effects made life miserable as I previously stated...

Look at the picture friend, (as Im sure you are)

as the disease progresses, you may have to get surgery done (bye bye intestine) remember thats what the MD's suggest. Or you can reach for that simple solution and think out of the box like i did and say hey... whats the worse that can happen? Remember, you dont need to smoke it, you can cook it... But if you are hurting its the fastest way for it to stop.. Its truly shocking how fast it works. Its hard to explain unless you've experienced it. Well its simple come to think of it... Its like your normal again.. Best of luck and I hope my advice can help you and anyone else suffering! I just know how thankful I am for finding it! No more "Im about to $#!t my pants I have maybe 10 secs... and my kids are in the car and no where to go... A few times I had to jump out of my car with a roll of paper... jump behind some bushes in very public places lol... Embarrassing very... But why deal with the stress? all that does is make the condition worse! because you literally cant do anything!!

Only you folks with it know what im saying about the random "oh shit" moments lol... Good times... A friend of mine called me once whos a nurse " I just saw a patient, got in my car and shit my pants." and I laughed my ass off... You need a sense of humor with IBD! But normal people will just think your nuts. I hate that surprise feeling. Anyway, sorry for the horrible grammar/punctuation. Best of luck... Peace


Thanks for the advice, I'll look into those meds.

I've been trying the pulse feast as well, not having to worry about food while I'm at work sounded so great. Basically I've been peeing out of my ass ever since, so I think all the water is not absorbed well enough.

I don't drink any milk or coffee, I stick to water and green tea all day.