UK: Tainer for Posture Correction?

I love the articles here on T-Nation.
They are of a much higher quality than I can find anywhere else.

In particular articles such as Hunchback No More are great.

When I look at my shoulders and posture it isn’t good. I need more than a few articles. I have been to a Chiropractor and some such but clearly these people are used to curing major problems. My goal is mostly looks and prevention.

I’m looking for someone like Charles Poloquin to hire.

How do I find someone like that in the UK?

It’s easy to find a trainer, slightly harder to find a good trainer, and even harder to find a trainer who inspires respect regarding training for posture.

In addition I need help because a new job now means I spend half of the year on a rocking boat with limited gym equipment.

What I’m looking for is help developing a workout for when ashore and when offshore - and then not so regular checks on progress.

Any advice?