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Many of you might have been reading the thread on Mike Mahler on T4 and we all thought it would be a good idea to see how many of us there are out in the land of blighty. After having seen the success of the Canadian and American T-Cells it would be a good idea to see who posts on this board and trying to get together to meet up at some point in August. Birmingham is looking the most likely venue at this point.

DOn't be shy ad it doesn't matter whether you are big or small, al that counts is your passion for getting better.

Regards DrSTU



Depending on what dates we're thinking of I would like to attend, providing of course I can talk the good lady wife round..

I don't know Birmingham at all though, only been through it on the motorway.

I think Beni said we can go and visit him at his gym, that'd be cool..



You will all be welcome to visit Westside,but due to my commitment with athletes and the fact that I maybe playing sport myself this season on Sat afternoons, then try and visit before the start of either the Football or Rugby season.
Re my background,I am a full time speed coach 6"2 tall weigh 225,and 30 years old ,so not a monster at all like Dave Tate.However can still run the 40 yard dash in 4.53secs which is handy because that is the exact same distance to the pub over the road from my gym,so I never miss last orders!
Shall be open by the end of July so come down either weekday,or weekend,let me know what session you want and give me your figures so I can design workout to suit you.
Oh and no fucking bottling it!!


Beni and stubob,

I think that me and Dannyboy were gonna try and come down the weekend of the 15th of August, which by my reckoning isn't in the rugby season! (i hope not as i'm gonna start playin again this year), Beni, would be good if you could show us how to tailor the training to meet the demans of rugby as both me and dan play.

off back to lovely newcastle for the weekend so 'til next week, i'm gan yem me pet!


Hi guys, I just realised one of the guys who won the hot-rox award was from london - theres another!

Would be awesome to get togeather - and beni your gym sounds the nuts. Maybe when your not so busy i could pick your brains as what you are doing is my long time career goal - strength coach with own gym - and just for the record im 23, 230lbs, knackered shins and love rugby - so would love to get some 'real' training info and perhaps some direction.

Weve got about 5 so far, I dont know how many more there is, but its good to get a firm base of UK support - lets get some help from the t-mag boys if we can too.

Anyways, last day of term tommorow, long slog of moving house and finishing 'essays', or cutting and pasting! Cheers lads



There's also Zippy who posted the other day and he's from Birmingham also.

Looks like I'll be the smallest then at 218lbs - 5'9". Looks like I'll have to try and put a bit on.. haha..

I don't play Rugby either, used to play football but now my legs hurt beneath the knees if I sprint. Now I do HIIT on my mountain bike.

I only just about have enough time to train now that I have my 8 month old son, he keeps me occupied now.

I'll have to have a word with the boss (the good lady wife) and see what we're doing in August.



I'll have too confirm the date although i can't see any problem with the 15th August. Benni you might just be what im looking for as i was planning on getting ridiculously fast this summer so that when i resume my MMA training in september my takedowns etc will be slicker. Im 5'10 and 180-190lbs, it fluctuates a bit, so it looks like im the smallest, doesn't bother me though. Oh and im a third year pharmacology student.


Did you just admit on a public forum that your good lady is the Boss!
Stop reading this,and go now and buy a copy of FHM before all is lost:)



She is indeed the boss.. She wears the trousers.. haha...

I have a subscription to FHM, the greatest mag ever made (apart from T-Mag of course..), bought for me for Christmas by one of my wifes freinds.. Quality.

Beni, as you stock Biotest goodies, are you able to get hold of Christian Thibeadeau's book..??



Not sure about getting CT"s book,but have a large selection of Westside Training videos available.
I would have to read the book before I sold it.
You see Bio-test may be looking to build a reputation in the USA,but over here where nobody knows them,I am not really sure they are that interested in cracking the UK market.
Their stuff is hard to come by which is a shame,because I would like to be able to sell all of their range of products,but you can never tell from one week to the next what is going to be in stock and whats not.
I have tried calling the USA customer line but they were not that bothered,so in the meantime just have to make do.
It is a shame because a lot of pro athletes will be coming to train at Westside UK so they (Bio-test) are definately missing out.
Let me know what you want in advance and I should be able to get it for you.


I may need a volunteer.
In August I have a Sports Scientist,from a Premiership club coming to Westside to be shown how I can make their players faster.
I need someone to be able to demo
Box Squats
Glute Hams
Reverse Hypers
Hip Belt Squats
Dimmel Deads
Pull Throughs
Sled Dragging
Do not worry,I shall make sure your technique is spot on beforehand.
One months supply of supplements,to the person who is foolhardy enough to try!
Oh and a Westside T-shirt :slight_smile:


I'll Do it! I only live 45mins from Birmingham as well.


Ok Chris,
Shall let you know when you are required,but looking like end of July early August.
Tell me what Bio-test stuff you want and shall get it for you.


Hey, sorry for ne response lately - moving house. If any back up is needed would be sure to help out if i can. Work is pretty flexible and have thurs/fridays off. Let us know if anything goes tits up!

Good luck, hope to meet you all soon boyz!


Alright Beni. Where abouts is your gym in Brum? Will i be able to get there on public transport as i'll be coming up on the train? Cheers mate. Chris.


hello everyone,

Absolutely knackered today as moved house yesterday and there was only me and my very female housemate (i.e. can't lift shit) so i had to pack the van twice and unpack it twice and then lug everything into place, luckily HTT and practising the Oly lifts made me show of and snatch the chest of drawers, which earned the coo of "oh you're the strongest man i've ever met" didn't want to tell her that i'm probably gonna have my arse kicked when i come down to Beni's gym!

Anyway glad to see that sports are taking an interest in westside, can't imagine prima donna beckham doing a box squat though!

Anyone who wants a copy of CT's book should hold on for Coach Baillie to sell it. I know that he is getting his shipment soon and that he will be selling it shortly after, the packages that CT offered should also be available, so let's all get a different one and share! PM me for his email address, i can't remember if it's russelbaillie or coachbaillie at hotmail.com off the top of my head. he says the book is awesome as he already has a copy.


Alright Beni, im not sure if i'll be able to do it now as i may be on holiday around that time so its probably better if dannyboy does it as i can't guarante being available. Hope thats ok with the both of you. Sorry again. Chris.


Dr Stu,

Do we know when Coach Baillie is going to be selling the book?



I think we are officially looking at the end of the month for the release of CT's book, i think coach baillie is only gona get them soon and then he obviously needs to sort out the price to compensate for shipping and handling but he assures me it won't be too bad. So if you can wait 'til the end of the month then i bet you'll get one.



if chris can't do the shoot for you would it be better if we moved our visit to the 1st or 8th so you could get it done then?

Gonna have the first meeting of the T-cell later when i meet Dannyboy for the first time! yeah and sent emails to TC and Tim about getting some T-shirts or stuff so we could wear them and write an article for the mag. I'l let you know what they say.