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UK T-cell first meet

Today was the first meeting and was a great day. Got to say a big thanks to Beni for letting us come up to Westside UK and learn the westside way, top bloke. I’m not gonna give away too much as theres an article in the works, the day did end though with a 215kg sled drag! Loads of fun.

You are welcome anytime at Westside UK,it was an enjoyable day.
Though if only I can get hold of Daniel Caines and Mark Lewis Francis before next summers Olympics,we could be onto something very special.
In fact being as the above are from Birmingham(my home town) with the right coaching Caines could run down Washington,and Francis could beat everyone.
I guess all I can say is watch this space.

Finally managedto get a bit of web time!
Gotta say I am competely in awe of westside and its methods - the training was one of the best things I have ever done - thanks!! Am feeling it it wierd places today - i am not sure I have any hip flexors left! Me and stu put togeather what we think is a good workout from the hints and suggestions you gave us,I think stu will PM you when he gets to work with it. Also when we did the side step/lunge variants - was thinking would it be a good idea to attach the band around a weight belt as added resistance?!

Anyways, back to the masses - even managed to get a colleague on the bands! Lovin it!

Mainly wantedto say thanks again, we’ll get our article and pics out as soon as weve done em - youve got an awesome set up - and I really hope to see you on the news some day. Cheers again - Dan

Forgot to mention that it was good to meet up with DrStu and Dannyboy, thanks for making me feel welcome guys. Chris

Welcome to your posterior chain muscles!
You guys know what you need to work on now.
Bands can be used for a whole variety of exercises,so sure create your own new exercise,try it out and if it works let me know.
But the one which I like is the sled pulling but with the purple band looped around the belt and then under both feet.
It is an awesome exercise for sprinters,and those athletes looking to develop speed.

Danny,I can imagine you shall be creating quite an interest at your gym,so I hope it helps you get a few extra clients to pay those student bills.

Pain what pain!!

Man can I fell my hammies today and Sunday was even worse, maybe I shouldn?t have done those 100 reps on the greens on Saturday night!

Thank you very much for an amazing day Ben, it was much appreciated that you gave up your spare time for free and helped us focus in on what?s really important to training, believe me I looked at certain things a different way when I looked!

Suffice to say I?ve drawn up a little basic programme and did my max bench today, did reverse band bench and worked up from 40kg to 110kg on the bench, felt so good lifting 110kg, could have done for but my little boobies were hurting!!

Close grip incline followed and then 50 reps of pull ups with the green band, bare in mind that I couldn?t even do pull-ups before and now I just knocked out 50! The bands really are amazing and I?ve had fun crippling my house mates and helping some people in the gym this morning with their bench work, the knowledge is starting to filter already!

It was nice meeting you Chris and I can?t wait to see what results you come back with in December! Again thank you very much for your time and enthusiasm and I know I speak for all of us when I say that we wish you the best with your business and training.


p.s. Anyone who has ever wanted to be trained Properly in the art of Westside and their techniques, hook up with Ben to get some real advice.

It sounds like it all went well then…

When is the next one…??

Is the article and pictures going to appear in the magazine…?

I had to do the patio on Saturday, mixed up two tonnes of cement, barrowed it round the back of a house and lifted 80 patio slabs 60cm x 60cm x 5cm, quite a hard day for an office boy but probably nothing compared to what you guys got up to…

I’m very envious and definitely want to attend the next one, although I’ll be behind you all with regards to training…



Danny fell asleep on the train and i just stared blankly at my DVD on laptop!! I wouldn’t havethought it was possible to do so much work in one day, apparently I fell asleep sitting upright watching the football on sat night and i have real troubles sleeping at night!

I think that if Ben is kind enough to let us back that we would aim to get back down for some time before xmas to remeasure progress, the tendo unit is bloody sweet and really helped take the guess work out.

I’m gonna be kncking up a draft of an article for t-mag just to point out some of the bits that tate’s articles don’t make clear and desribe some of the wierd and wonderful exercises that Ben had us do, you’d never have thought ruber could be so versatile!!

I’dhighly recommend gettin some bands to work with as they literaly are so versatile, as we discovered to my embarsment on Saturday, i have the upper body strength of Barbie but lower body strength of acion man! So this morning i did a max bench day and got up to 110Kg with a cool reverse band bench and i’ve never (i mean NEVER) been abe to do chins and pullups but using a green band as assistance i managed to get 50 reps in 4 sets. just too much to tell and too excited about training too.

Look forward to seeing you at the nest meet.

just incase, I’ll pass on Ben’s main advice for us BUY SOME HAMSTRINGS!!.


p.s. everyone at uni look s at me strange when i wear my westside t-shirt!

I seconed that, BUY SOME HAMSTRINGS! :slight_smile:
My poor excuse for some absolutely kill today, as does all my posterior side in fact.
Ive been experimenting with the chins to, today i did normal ones to faliure then jumped on the red band and got another 10 out, felt really good.

Good day for all,glad you enjoyed it.
And you can say that you were the first guys to ever have a coaching session at Westside UK.
Westside has to be experienced,to be fully understood.You now know exactly what it is you all have to work on.

And yes those bands are an amazing bit of kit.
I spend most days trying to devise new exercises for them,but come October watch out the REBOUNDER IS COMING.

I have been told by Louie,and Jackass that it is an amazing bit of kit,and everyone who tries it loves it.

Stubob,the backyard to my gym could do with some patio work,so if you have got a morning pop down!:slight_smile:

I did not fall asleep - i was merely resting my eyes… :wink:

Yeah, the amount i learnt really cannot be measured - and check this, managed to score some wedge from uni (im sports officer there). theyre going to help spring for some sleds - I loved em so much was on the phone first thing, and they will give me some money - some of the rugby boys will chip[ in too - were going to get some more bands hopefully and im hankering for a tractor tyre too - but thats just me!

Beni, im still totally stoked - and hell yeah proud to be part of the first ever westside uk training session.

Its going to be pretty hard to train an entire team - but was thinking due to the number of people involved a kinda circuit of sled drags, band walks, farmers walks, tyre flips and shuttle runs - what ya think?!

Anyways - i got the ‘big boys’ at the gym to try the bands, and i laughed my tits off - I cant wait to smoke em all! A little tip i learnt from them though - dont use a thumbless grip - that will teach them to chase the pump!!


Sounds good to me that circuit.
Make them drag the sled with the band looped around their feet,walk 50 yards there and back(total 100).
Have them repeat that 10x,awesome exercise for the hips and glutes.

Haha love it that the “pump” boys have now tasted the bands for the first time.
And to think my chains are still being made,and my ropes arrive next week,and there are still over 100 exercises I could not show you guys due to time.

Still thats what next time is for!

Looks like I missed a killer session… It seems that you all do sports specific training, primarily for Rugby.

I… ahem… do bodybuilding… I know, I know I just swore…

From the sound of it Saturday would’ve killed me. I’m definitely up for the next session. When you do plan the next one I’ll be there - any ideas of dates yet…?

All I have planned in the run up to Christmas is a week of late September when my son is 1 year old (which has flown by - and he’s the best thing in the world by the way), then a week off in October to go to Center Parc holiday resort thing…

The Westside principles have always interested me though and I’d love to be stronger.

I’ve followed a couple of Dave Tates training programs before but it’s not the same as being shown what to do…

Beni, ChrisUK and DrSTU - you mention using bands for pullups/chins, I wasn’t aware this was what they were for. I thought they were for adding resistance to bench and squat. It sounds like they were assisting your pullups… Sounds useful to me…

Beni, as I’m traditionally a bodybuilder, would Westside be beneficial for me. I’m quite positive it would be and am looking forward to the pain…

Beni - I was the labouring monkey on the patio. Once our garage roof is done then the wife would like a patio done in our back garden… I could be the labouring monkey if you want… That’s an idea - kind of like training renegade style - do Beni a patio… haha…


First things first, never use your green bands to do push downs at home!!

After watching britains strongest man i decided to go and do 100 reps on green and got the sock drying rack off the radiator and hook it over the door, looped my band through and proceeded to press, three reps later I’m looking at a collection f metal parts that used to be a drying rack lying on the floor in a nice pile, think i’ll use something stronger next time!

Anyway here’s the little programme that me n dan drew up on the train.

Sunday, Speed Squat

Box squat 8-12 sets of 3 reps at 60%
Dimmels 2-3 sets of 20 reps at 40%
natural GHR 5 sets of 5
Pulldown abs 5 sets of 10
later in day, green band good mornings 100 reps

Monday, Max bench day

Reverve band bench work up to 1rm
Inc CG bench work up to 3 sets of 5
push press 3 sets of 5
pull ups with green band 50 reps
later on pushdowns with green 100 reps

Wednesday, Speed squat

speed deads 8 sets of 3 at 40% with greens 45 sec rest
Pull throughs 6 sets of 15 reps
sprinter squats 5 sets of 10 secs with double up minis plus weight if reps above 10, 45 sec rest
pulldown abs 5 sets of 10

Friday, speed bench

speed bench 10 sets of 3 at 40% plus double up minis 45 sec rest
face pulls 5 sets of 15 reps
chins green band 50 reps
green band pushdown 100 reps

tried to keep it simple and short and realy focus on the weak points


Good inital programme you have going there,plenty of work on your weak areas which is important,I look forward to seeing your figures go up.
And of course you knocking everyone around on the pitch leaving them wondering what the f*** just hit them.

As I sit here shaking my head wondering how I can help you,I feel it is my duty to convert you from Mirror Dancing to Westside.
Come see me as soon as possible,oh and yes funnily enough Westside does involve patio laying,and artexing.
I shall see you in Sept.

Beni - that was hilarious… mirror dancing… haha…

So is the next meet in September…??

A bit of training history…

My deadlift sucks, the most I can do is about 150kg for 5
Bench - 1RM-160Kg (quite a while ago)
Squat 140Kg - 5 - as low to the ground as poss…

I’ve never been properly taught all the exercises, just learnt them mainly from T-Mag. I’m better than others that I’ve seen but I’m sure it could be improved upon…

I’ve tried good mornings but they dont “feel right”…

Just so you know the “mirror dancer” that you will be punishing…


bands bands and more bands

The pull up and chin up that i’m planning on using can best be described as assisted!!

i wrap a green band around the bar and then put either my knees or feet through the loop that is created and then proceed to chin, because the tension on the band is greater whilst stretched the assistance is greater at the bottom and then decreases as you move up and band tension decreases, maes them easy to do and since i can’t do them, much easier.

I actually devised a way to make my mates barbell curl and skull crushers more effective. as before the tension on the band increases as stretched and with a normal barbell curl the force on the muscle decreases once the weight goes past perpendicular, so what i did was loop the band around a heavy dumbbell and then attach the other end around the bar and then have them load up the bar lighter than normal and then proceed to curl as normal but the added tension in the top range make the curl far more difficult and what should be more productive as tension never falls off and if anything is greater at the top, unlike the cable curl you must contract forcefuly otherwise the band will win!!
should be easy for you to see how this can be applied to other exercises as it is basically the same approach that the westside boys use for their speed bench.

wouldn’t worry about bodybuilding but if you could lift heavier weights for more reps then you’’ get bigger!!

no exact date yet as I know that Ben will be busy so we’ll need to arrange it closer to the time, until then WORK YOUR HAMSTRINGS HARD.

oh yeah if you find my description of chins hard then just look up reverse band bench in tate’s articles.

I reckon I’ll invest in some bands when I come up then…

DrSTU - I read in another thread that you’re going to South Africa for a month… Alright for some…

Although I primarily train “mirror dancing” style. I’ve used OVT, HST, Big Bad Bench…

I’ve done all of Ian Kings programs and I’m currently doing his Great Guns program. After which I’ll be doing 12 weeks to super strength again…

So I’m thinking that I might have to train Hamstrings then…haha…


hey t-peeps, web time piked from work yet again… the joy!

beni - Am pleased you like the plan, to be fair that it makes sense is lucky - surviving on a coffee all day long destroyed my horrid low carb diet - rinsed over ?20 on take away and slept for 14 hours!!

A couple of questions that I forgot to ask you at the time. Firstly where would you integrate the side lunge + bands into the training routine, as am really committed to improving my cutting ability. Are there any others you can suggest also that could be done in a ‘commercial’ gym?

Also, I am used to playing at around 17/18 stone - I know I am going to play better with this type of training and dont really want to get heavier - but I am training a lad who really does need size - how can i construct this within the westside principles? I understand as he gets stronger he should add mass, but he needs a few more stone on him to play at the level he’s aiming for - any thoughts?

hope things are going well people, catch ya later


ps - the westside t-shirt is literally, the nuts, as predicted some pretty boy thought it was some ultra trendy harvey nics affair. seeing as he weighed as much as my leg, i let him off. Sweatbands. honestly :wink:

I would integrate the side lunge into your programme as an assistance exercise,meaning put it below the Box Squat,Speed Squats,on importance,but use after those exercises.

The gaining weight on Westside issue.
It is far more important to be strong than it is big.But I appreciate that a little extra size can do no harm.
Try and help him with his diet,he has to eat more to pack on the size.(simple I know but you would not believe how many people fail to do this)
Remember the 20 rep squat I talked about? make that a part of his training programme.
Reverse Band Bench press put 125 on the bar(2x45 and the bar)and have him do 100 reps straight.If he cannot manage that as many sets as it takes to get to 100.
Chin ups plenty of these 10 sets of 5 or 20 sets of 3,full range of motion at all times.
Deadlifts,16 sets of 3 at 60% 1 rep max.
Then follow the usual training protocols of Westside.

Guys mix up your leg days,you do not have to squat on every leg day.
Good Mornings,followed by dimmel deadlifts are enough for what you require.
Of course at my place I would have you on the Reverse Hyper,and Glute Ham but now I am just showing off!:slight_smile:

Stubob the quicker you can make it up here the better.
As always I am happy to answer any further questions you may have.