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Uk Supplement Costs


why is it that america sells the likes of Surge for 29 dollars yet to buy in the uk costs 79 dollars

surely they need to sort that out - i could fly to america and pick a few tubs up for less


From people I talk to everything costs more over there. Is it because taxes?


It does rather suck.

Ive said it before; Biotest should set up a UK / Ireland distributor.


I'd imagine it's import duties, as well as the sellers making a profit.

I've seen Alpha Male for 65pounds online - thats $130 for 1 bottle for you lazy folk out there!

Thing is, even if you get 1kg of hydrolyzed whey here in the UK, it's about 20pounds for 1kg which with all the little additions will come out more expensive than Surge.

I want Biotest to open a UK branch - I've already moved at least 3 people onto their supplements.


Their on the other side of the planet. What do you expect. The situation is also the same in australia.

You have to ship it, pay taxes on it, then there is a reseller on the other end. It gets expensive and there isnt much they can do about it.

Now i know they dont like it, but you can get some stuff dirt cheap on ebay. They feel their small prices are being taken advantage of but you know it does help us buyers.

Otherwise you just have to find alternative suppliers of stuff. I get my pills from Biotest, my powders from aussie companies.


Yup it sucks hard - prices are at least double what they are in the US. =[

Its meant that I am no longer "officialy" on the velocity diet as I cannot afford any more Biotest supps! Only thing I still have is HOT-ROX Extreme. Atm my "Surge" is 50/50 maltoxetrin/dextrose, 10g BCAA's, some whey powder etc... My "Metabolic Drive" is now 50/50 casien/whey.

Sucks to live in the UK =[


Group together with a mate and split the shipping (about £30) and customs charges (variable £30-£50 depending on order size). Make sure and get a 3 - 6 month supply of stuff to really make it worth while. You'll get the stuff in 6 days with constant updated online tracking - best company i've ever bought stuff from.


It would be good to have a UK branchc however there are UK distributors and I don't know if Biotest want to anger their distributors by undercutting.

Grouping together and making one huge order sounds good in theory but UK is a big place and shipping around within the UK to members would be costly as well.

eBay ... sometimes I suspect products on there are fake. Even supplements. It is amazing what people can fake. I do not trust them very much.

You could of course bring in some Biotest in bulk and sell THAT through eBay yourself at a profit - instant home based business.


Well you have just seriously made me worry about the HOT-ROX Extreme I got from ebay for £29.00 the other day =/


Well I just gotta throw a rant in here:

I just recieved a letter from customs charges on my order from here - for 42pounds! That nearly half the value of my bloody order from this site!

Honestly, the fucken imports costs are just getting more and more ridiculous - I want to start placing regular orders here but with these prices I'm going to have to limit them to one every few months.

Well and truly pissed off now...still looking forward to some goodies though!


RSG - same here mate but if you can afford to put in a big order the customs charges should'nt rise too much moe. I had ordered 300 pounds of stuff and got customs bill for 50. Bloddy government lol.


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DAMN YOU! Lucky bugger.

I don't get why sometimes you get taxed more or less. They should be consistent - it's fucking irritating.


Do you think if enough UK/irish people posted and said they were up for a UK Biotest distribution they could do a deal?

Because i really want to buy from this site, but it kind of takes the piss where i pay more in import and fedex than on supplements. It's not like the £30 quotes. When i did the v-diet i think customs charged me £65 and the shipping was the same. That is not cool. I would rather buy Metabolic Drive or surge or something with that money


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i'm another one who would love to buy more Biotest products, but the duties are just crazy.
someone should arange a bulk buy for members of this site. once its in the contry you could just use the postal service to get it all out to the individuals. there is a bit of a trust issue and quite a bit of logistics involved but with a bit of effort it could be benificial to all involved.


Most of the ingredients (Hydo whey, dextrose, maltodextrin, bcca's & electrolytes) can be bought separately and mixed together - which I have been doing. The point is that it still costs about the same - if not more - and making a concoction everyday is a bit of a nuisance.

I'd be more than happy with organising a bulk group buy - if that meant that the import costs would become negligable.

I wonder how many people in the UK actually order from this site? Obviously not enough for them to consider this a problem.


I buy stuff from the US all of the time. Even with the shipping costs and import duty if you make your order large enough, it still totals up to be much cheaper than buying it from a UK shop/eBay. All you have to do is plan ahead and buy in bulk.


Anybody tried http://www.usabox.com/ or http://www.myus.com/ ?

Been wondering if this could work out cheaper?

I would also love to be able to get Biotest products at a reasonable price in the UK.

I can't find anything that compares taste and recovery wise to Surge - and I've tried numerous other recovery products and I've tried to make my own concoction using the raw ingredients. But Surge is just so damn expensive here its hard to justify its purchase.