UK Supplement Ban List

Does anyone living here in England know where I can find a list of the substances that will be “banned” come August 1? I have been searching and Have come up empty. I did find this statement,

“The directive will come into force across the EU-25 on 1 August 2005. Only food supplement ingredients approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will be authorised for sale. Vitamins and minerals not on the directive’s ‘positive list’ will be banned.”

That is not very informative. I have this feeling that all of us England trainers are about to take one up the rear!

I still have not found a list, but check out hese quotes that I have come across–

The EU directive lists only 28 vitamins and minerals, and 112 sources from which they were derived for use in food supplements, which can be sold legally after it comes into force on 1 August. It would threaten up to 5,000 products, containing more than 200 nutrients, which campaigners claim have been used safely in specialist supplements for many years. "

“A ?positive list? of 112 substances passed fit for consumption has been drawn up, which includes vitamin C, calcium and iron. But many popular substances, such as selenium yeast, tin, manganese and vitamin K2, have been omitted and are subject to 505 separate appeals”

“If the European Food Safety Authority rejects the proposals, many popular supplements such as Viridian High-Five, Nature?s Plus Source of Life, and Holland & Barrett Vitamin C-1 could soon be outlawed.”

“Britain?s health supplement market is worth an estimated ?335 million a year and includes many products in long-established regular use for everything from blood pressure and diabetes to osteoporosis. About 21 million Britons ? a third of all women and a quarter of men ? take supplements in the belief that they will improve their health.”

This is really spooky!

The Canadian CODEX site suggests that the ban applies to vitamins and minerals exclusively.

I agree, it is scary.

Thanks Dave! I hope that is as far as it goes, but I do believe that is still too far. They keep taking our choices away for our own good. Pretty soon we will be forced to wear protective padding, helmets, and floatation gear when leaving the house.

I went through this with ephedrine and prohormones back when I lived in the States as well.


He who lives by big gov’t…dies early courtesy of big gov’t.

Well, 80% of the foods I eat damage my health aparently. Farm salmon gives you cancer, tuna gives you mercury poisoning, eggs clog up your heart and make you fall off your seat and die the moment you eat more than four in one sitting. Steak is pushing me to heart failure.

Yet they dont ban it. They give you advice about what to eat. The fact is, nobody cares about eating 373 cans of tuna a week to get mercury poisoning. Nobody worries about the eggs. No body worries about the salmon. I dont believe half of it anyway. Everything in moderation, and it’s good.

So I dont know HOW the hell they can say ‘ohh… we dont approve of this vitimin! why good lord, we must ban it so you never touch it again!’. It’s a load of bull. They have no justification for it whatsoever. I dont know anyone irl that buys vitimin G294F or whatever anyway. All I see people take irl is vitimin C, iron once or twice a month, and a few other common vitimins.

The world is going mad! Why not ban whey too? make a great big day of it all!

Sorry about that, I’m just in a ranting mood tonight. I’m done.

It is sort of like the scene in Demolition Man where Sandra Bullock gives the list of things that have been banned for being bad for one’s health. Only, we don’t get the comedy relief of Dennis leary talking about running arouns covered in green jello.

As I said on the other thread about this ban, the whole thing has only been pushed through as the French and German governments use every opportunity to try and screw Britain.

We have a large pharmaceutical and supplement industry, and via the wonders of the EU, we soon will not.

I live in manchester, and I’m also quite worried about what supplements this ban will cover.

Right now I’m taking the following: zinc, vit c, b-complex, multi-vit, cod liver, copper and acidopholous (spelling?). Does anyone know if all these will be safe or not?

I’m quietly confident that only a small minority of supps will be banned, but if its any that I’m currently taking, or would like to take again soon, I will not be a happy man!

I havent been able to find a list either but the speculation seems to be that things like ZMA and creatine will get the chop.

The world has gone mad. They want to ban health supplements but cigarretes and junk food are ok???

That is the part that worries me the most, no one can seem to find a definitive list. It is almost like they knew beforehand that if we were to know what the ban would cover that there would have been a bigger outcry. Most people that live around me don’t even know, or could care less that this is happening.

I think that the lack of information means that this could be tragic indeed. The first thing to go in a free society is the access to information.

oh come on now, we don’t need supplements. They’re bad. If you’re eating 3 square meals a day - say, a fry up for brekky, maccy-d’s at lunch and then fish and chips for dinner then you are getting all the goodness a body needs.

Make up for any short fall with a pint or ten down t’ local.

[quote]juninho wrote:
oh come on now, we don’t need supplements. They’re bad. If you’re eating 3 square meals a day - say, a fry up for brekky, maccy-d’s at lunch and then fish and chips for dinner then you are getting all the goodness a body needs.

Make up for any short fall with a pint or ten down t’ local.[/quote]

sounds all 6’s and 7’s to me chap.

The worst thing about all of this is that they haven’t given any reasonably clear deffinition as to what a “supplement” is. Isn’t food technically a “supplement” if you looked at it in a dimly lit room?

I swear that if things like creatine and ZMA are banned, or even looked at by the EU with a tinkle in their eye… I’m going to buy a huge claymore, strip nekkid, paint myself with woad and charge into the EU headquarters screaming “FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!” removing heads as I go.

Okay, I probably wont. But I’ll be tempted alright!

Besides, they’d find some way of pinning my Bravehearted-ness on “supplement-rage” or something… Bastards!

I think we should go to brussels, round them up in a field and bomb the bastards!

There I was preparing to move back to Blighty from Aus thinking “Ah well, I can’t get a good steak and mash dinner for 2 quid and the sun never shines and the beach is shit and etc, etc. At least I’ll be able to get the supplements I want”. Small consolation eh?"

But no.

I never thought they would actually go through with it.

What’s more worrying than the fact that we’re being nanny’d and more of our choices are being taken away is that that action was bought through lobbying by the drug companies.

If certain supplements get banned, and we were to buy them on the internet, from abroad, would it just be luck whether customs decide to check them or not?

I didn’t know the EU even had a restriction on what people could eat!!!By the way doesn’t Holland have place for junkies to get clean needles??? If that is true then how come the government over there will give you good needles to do drugs but you can’t buy creatine??? WTF!!!