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UK Supp Import Seizures?

Hi All,

Just had a shipment of Anaconda and MAG-10 seized entering the UK because it contained a milk derivative (casein hydrolysate). Has anyone else had this problem? If so have you had any success in overturning the seizure? Am I wasting my time trying?

I’ve never previously had a problem getting stuff in. I’m wondering whether it can be argued that because it has been hydrolysed, it bears no relation to milk anymore, but I don’t know enough about the process to know whether this is true or not?

Help would be appreciated on any angle.


This might not be of much help, but plent of the UK guys on this site buy Anaconda and MAG-10 without problems. I believe Biotest has a UK warehouse. Try ordering from there next time.

That’s the ridiculous thing - that company is allowed to import it, so why can’t I?

The UK store is also considerably more expensive.

Long shot: American Diplomats and Soldiers overseas have non-PO Box addresses with an American zipcode, if that makes sense. They can order stuff as if they were in one of the 48 states (Since it’s an American address), it will neither be more expensive, nor will it take any longer. If you know someone maybe they can help you out.
I cannot guarantee they won’t be subject to the seizures but I strongly doubt it.