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UK Student Seeks Shelter In US!


Hello fellow T-brethren,

Let me introduce myself. My names Freddie, I am a 21 year old university (or college as you guys call it) student from London, UK. I have just started summer vacation and am working full-time in a dead-end job to raise some cash for travels later in the summer. Heres where you come in: I shall be backpacking across the U.S via a combination of Amtrack and Greyhound buses, for about six weeks (probably between August and late September) later in my summer. As a dedicated T-citizen I was hoping there might be one or two kind souls out there who would be kind enough to hook me up for a night (and maybe even a training session) or two (all I ask for is a roof over my head) on my travels??

I would also like to point out that I am an aspiring writer (I am the editor of my universitys/colleges student newspaper) and will be keeping a written and photographic journal of my travels. I should stress my journey will be relatively unique in that I aim to combine my visits to the various states with gym sessions where possible! Again guys, I know its asking a lot but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again guys



If you can find Whitefish, Montana I'll let you stay for a night or two.



If you swing by Washington DC, we might even have a T-cell gathering for you to participate in.


is this one of those 'borrow my wife' type meets where car keys get thrown in a dish and you swap?

Just for the night mind, not for good because that would be bad.


Montana...DC...cheers guys...well at least ive got some sort of start and end point going on. Anyway,just so people know im not some one eyed, 75 year old leprechaun etc, ive attatched a photo of myself below. (apologies for the cheesy baywatch-esque style!)


if you come through california, depending on when in august or september, you can probably stay, im just outside of san francisco by about 30 minutes in the burbs. if it is in september then you can sleep on my dorm room floor in colorado, haha


Im a student myself so a dorm room floor would provide a touch of home comfort...its sleeping on driveways id be worried about. cheers dude