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UK Should Have a Muslim PM


After centuries of attrocities commited aganst blacks by the hands of white imperialsits Obama has become the first black president.

Pakistanis still experience discrimination by white jews and indians within britain. There is no tolerance. It's disgusting

So In the same way I think the UK should have a pakistani PM, this way it is a sure sign that Britain too is heading in the right direction. It will be a great sign that Britain has become a true multicultural society, rather than the pseudosecular hellhole it is currently.


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Oh boy. I think LankyMofo may be right after all.



Why are you signing all your posts you fucking moron. Everyone can see your username above your av pic anyway.


Hey, this is PWI!

Is he any good?





my God this has to be the worst idea I have ever heard


How the hell would you know the situation in the UK??


America said that an African-American would become president when pigs fly. Then after 100 days in office


Swine flu


That's like saying how in the hell would you know the situation in the US.

LankyMofo was absolutely right.



Politically incorrect Win. Rofl.

Ok, I'm gonna go make reparations for my racially insensitive laughter and get in touch with my inner guilt.


DAMMIT. Where have all the good trolls gone?


Hey makkun, weather is great here in Oz, thinking of going for a surf and have a BBQ.



Iran and Saudi Arabia should have Christian leaders.


We came within a cunt hair (literally) of having a female president, but the Democratic powers that be put their money into a dark horse (even more literally). After having someone like Ronnie Reagan in the job, anything is possible. How about that hippo that took on the ten lions, I'd endorse him for a 2012 run.


How on earth is Obama literally a dark horse? I swear words have no meaning to some people.


He's black and most Americans are trying to ride on his back.


Don't feed the shape-shifting troll. He was Rico Sauve, a ginger, and no some sort of sexually confused teenager


You're just jealous cause the pakisani community is prospering(inshallah) more than the enemies

No wonder the zionists and indians are causing attacks in there own countries - to try to shift the blame and trigger more hatred towards us, which is further fuelled by propaganda from the Jewish controlled media in this godforsaken country.

And we have drunken pub going bums like some of you who believe everything the sun and daily mail tells them. I've seen your types, you're everywhere - The men are bald, covered with ugly tats, many of you drink yourself stupid , your women can't keep their legs together which is why there are single mums everywhere. LEading a very immoral lifestyle. And you tend to have very little cranial capacity, evident from your limited vocabulary which doesn't seem to extend beyond 'alryyyyt mate'.


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