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UK Scammer Alert


Have recently been scammed by someone advertising on eBay. The deal is their advert says they have lists available (usually for only a few pence) that give legitimate sources for buying AS over the net. Once the transaction is completed, the guy emails you a list of everything HE has for sale.

Seemed all very genuine and upfront to begin with - until I sent my money!

No products, no replies to emails or letters (over the last four months). My last letter said send the gear, or a refund, or I'll post your info on the Muscle forums as a scammer. Obviously as I'm writing this post there was no reply. His details are:

Richard Levett
17 Lampitts Cross
Milton Keynes

I guess I was lucky in that I only sent a small order to begin with (just in case) but would hate for others to loose hundreds of pounds to a thievin' b/tard like this.

I buy my gear from V-Pharmacy now and have no complaints - have ordered at least a dozen times and always got exactly what I ordered. Stay safe guys.


" I know this man. Green Beret out of Ft. Bragg."


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I have the same problem with this guy. I sent the money and I did not receive anything.


Why buy juice on Ebay? There are plenty of other legitimate sources available.


why not just go to his address, and give him a beating.

Englands not a huge country, c'mon guys, it's gotta be no more than a hours drive away :slight_smile:


Yup, gonna have to concur with P-22 on this one.

dunno how close you live to there, but if I were you I'd get over there and either take my money off him and break his arms or just steal my money back off him. What's he gonna do, tell the cops???!!

preferably the first choice, but you choose :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warning, researching first ever cycle at the moment. Forums like this really help stop people like me with limited knowledge from being scammed


Yep, breaking at least one arm sounds like a good idea.


You should find the piece of shit and inject him with motor oil.


LMAO. Exactly! That's what I would do if I were in that situation, and the scammer was within reach. Heck I'd even FLY over and give an overseas scammer a beating if I had the resources to do so.

Short of a beating, you could at least give an anonymous tip off to the cops about the bastard...


I have an even better idea...this is for the more criminal minded, though. You have his address...go there, stake out the place, then when he's not there, break into his house and take ALL his gear, his goddamn money AND his computer! That should make sure he never scams anyone again. Oh yeah, and break his arm just for good measure.


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Well, I for one can categorically say BBB is NO SCAMMER..

In any case, if you have any experience buying off the net you can usually smell a scammer a mile off. Fortunatley, I have never had the misfortune of being ripped off online.



Well, I tried to help. I called directory assistance to get his phone number, and of course, he's unlisted.

I looked at the T-Nation site map and there's a few UK T-Men who are sort of close to Milton Keynes. :wink:

Just a school of alternative thought on this subject. Another T-Nationer sent me a pm just yesterday saying he was approached by someone from the UK. Turns out it was a classic scam.

I work from home for a large US based web site. We were plagued by scams last year. There are a LOT of scams seemingly originating out of the UK - and most are aimed at identity theft. What we've found by investigating, is that the IP on these things are usually out of Nigeria or India, and the UK name and address given are of a real live person. The only thing is, that it's a real live person who's identity has been stolen and is being used as the smoke screen. Chances are, even if you track down Mr. Levett, you'll discover he's a victim as well. Then again he could be just what he appears... a no-good thief.

I guess what raised my curiosity about this is that it's UK-based, and the guy gave you his entire name and address, which appears to be genuine. It's just too much like what's going around right now, and they keep re-inventing the scam to keep everyone confused. It's probably a coincidence in your case, especially since it's an E-Bay thing, but it was just similar enough for me to want to mention all that. E-Bay is really good about policing their sellers. I'm assuming you've raised holy hell to them about this guy?

Sorry to hear you got scammed. Good luck to you resolving it. Do be aware, if he sends you a refund, and it's for MORE than what you paid, it's definitely the same scam.



I have an idea, I have to save the advertisement ebay with his banking info of this guy,

I have his name (Richard Levett At Milton Keynes), his pseudonym (Reflex ltd, James clifford, clifford0001),

if some have his address I can send mail to the services of investigation (which is occupied of that in the United Kingdom, I know only Scotland yard but I will like to know where I can also send).

If we are several, even anonymous mails will become important and will create problems to him.


I have just this week been stupid enough to fall for this bull**** scammer!! However I only live 1hr30mins away from this address and I shall be paying this pric* a little visit!! Thanks for his address


I sent information to the Police.
Do that you too.

Richard Levett
17 Lampitts Cross
Milton Keynes

Account Name : Richard Levett
PM me for bank account info.

Western unon details as follows :

Name : Richard Levett
City : Milton Keynes
Country : England


purplehayz, reread this before you do anything rash.


I don't even know why some guys mess with these unknowns. Sure it's cool to take risks, but there are so many good sources out there that are easy to access and have great reputations.