UK Reputable Needle Suppliers? How to Dispose of Needles?

Can anyone point me in the direction of where to get these supplies from please- online suppliers?

I’m currently using steroid packs from the pharmacy- going in to a booth like a smack head isn’t going to be a long term solution.

Also- what do I do with the bins after I’ve finished with them?


I have been getting mine on Amazon in the US (they are one touch brand 29 gauge, I get 100 of them for about $15). Don’t know what is available in the UK.

The ones I get have caps over the needle, I just put the cap back on and throw it away.

If you want to use a sharps container to dispose of the needles you can get them off Amazon as well. Or some people use a used liquid laundry detergent bottle and the write “sharps” and “biohazard” on it with a sharpie, check you local laws.

You can drop off any sharps container at your local pharmacy. Any medical facility should accept it too

Yeah- sorry that wasn’t that clear. What to do with the sharps containers- so take them to a chemist. Thats easy enough.

Just need a decent reputable online supplier of needles now.

Are you planning on using slin pins or luer lock syringes with separate needles? If the latter, don’t worry too much about disposing them. Just throw them into a glass jar. In about 5 years you will have to figure out what to do with that jar. Maybe just keep it and start a new one.

They’re going in a sharp bin- it was just what to do with the bin I was asking about.

Apparently the pharmacy take them

Do they have Google search in the UK?

There’s that much fraud and stuff that gets shipped from China or doesn’t turn up im asking for a recommendation.

Cheers for your super helpful comment though!

Hi all,

I’m really struggling with what to buy- could someone help me with what to buy from this supplier- link below.

I’ve just been pinning quads and occasionally the Mrs does a glute for me. I want to include shoulders now.

I’m generally going to be drawing in the range of 0.25ml to 0.33ml (breaking 1ml vials and drawing them into 3 or 4 syringes).

I want to use different needles to draw as to pin.

Up until now I’ve been using free steroid packs from a pharmacy for steroid users but want to move away from this and buy my own stuff so I don’t feel like some sort of junkie scoring their needles from a boothe.

Currently drawing with a 21g and pinning with a 23g. TBH the 23g feels pretty big and at 1 1/4 long feel like I’m going very deep in my quad- its all that comes in those packs.

If you can help with what type to buy from here I’d really appreciate some support.

Thanks in advance

For delts: 28-30g 1/2” or 3/8” insulin syringes (12.7mm and 8mm, I believe is the conversion)

For DG/VG: 25g 3/8” or 1/2”

I do 30g 1/2" to delt. Draw/inject with the same needle/syringe. Takes a little longer but works fine, virtually no waste, usually painless.

So is that luer lock type? Will the needles fit regardless of barrel size?

Would buying 1ml ones make most sense as its more accurate as you draw? I think I’m using 5ml ones at min.

This is what I use. 0.5ml. 1ml are basically the same accuracy, just longer in my experience. The needles are not removable. 0.5ml or 1ml should both be much more accurate than 5ml syringes like you’re using now. You should waste a lot less too when you aren’t dealing with removable needles like I assume you are now.

Thanks for that. I really want to stick with swapping the needle as I have to draw out of a 1ml ampoule into multiple syringes to dose- not from a pressurised vial. Trying to draw through a fine needle vertically is something I can be doing without!

Some people use a larger syringe to back fill smaller insulin syringes for that type of situation. Just an idea. There are some videos on YouTube that show how people do it.

Yeah cheers. Sustanon is so cheap I’m not too fussed if I’m losing a tiny bit. Im mostly bothered about the sterility of drawing and leaving in a syringe. In my head drawing with a needle and changing it for one thats not been in contactnwith air just before injection is safest.

Thanks anyway