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Hi guys, just a quick question... how the f*@k do PT's make ANY money in the uk... I walk for miles handing out flyers and posting them through doors... gave out about 2500 leaflets and got ZERO response... not even one! It's rediculous, and at the gym where I work the clients are happy to take free advise (because apparently that's what i'm there for) yet the second you start to speak about personal training, they run away... how do you make ANY money doing this! I'm stuck for ideas and would appreciate the help of some successful individuals.



I PTed a few years ago while getting through uni.
I hated it to be honest, in the UK its horrendous, you have to be a real jerk of a salesman to win people over, which was the reason i stopped. Fitness first where pulling 300quid off me a month for the privelege of working from their gyms.

And those that do hire you in commercial gyms want a glorified entertainer or companion for their workouts, they're not interested in working hard or really achieveing anything significant. When it comes to paying people always want something for nothing.

You really have to hammer people to get them on board, you'll get one person interested out of every 30 you talk to apparently.